Customer Service 101: The Basics of Phone Answering for Home Service Companies

customer service 101: the basics of phone answering for home service companiesHome service company owners are often the initial contact with potential customers. This can present a problem if you’re out on a job and not immediately available to answer the telephone. Many potential clients won’t bother leaving a message and will, instead, move on to the next business on their list. Impression matters in business, and Front Office Solutions understands this, which is the reason we have become an industry leader in telephone answering services.

We have perfected the art of telephone answering for home service companies. We use our expertise to assist home service companies to excel. We are available to answer your telephone 24/7/365 and provide seamless integration with a wide variety of scheduling software. Let’s examine some basic phone answering techniques to improve customer service.

Greeting with Warmth and Professionalism

The initial moments of any phone call with a potential client can set the stage for the entirety of the project. Train your staff to answer calls promptly and greet callers with warmth and professionalism. Even just saying “Good morning/afternoon,” followed by your company name and operator’s name can go a long way toward building customer trust. Front Office Solutions’ experienced operators specialize in making callers feel valued right from the beginning – something we do exceptionally well to build customer loyalty.

Active Listening

Encourage your phone answering team to practice active listening. Customers typically call with specific queries or concerns, and it is vital that your staff listen attentively. Do not interrupt or rush callers – give them time and space to speak freely before repeating key points back so that you understand exactly what their requirements are.

Knowledge of Services and Industry

Home service companies operate across various industries, each offering unique services and facing their own set of challenges. To ensure a positive customer experience make sure your telephone operators understand your services and the industry in which your company operates. Front Office Solutions handles calls efficiently while providing accurate information.

Handling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discover what customers frequently ask and equip your phone answering team with appropriate responses, enabling them to swiftly and confidently answer customer’s questions. The operators should be trained specifically for your company so they can seamlessly address frequently asked questions.

Resolving Issues and Escalation

Some phone calls may involve complaints or complex issues that require your operators to be calm and professional. At Front Office Solutions, we take pride in our ability to quickly resolve issues and escalate urgent ones directly to the appropriate contact within your company.

Following Up

After resolving a customer’s query or concern, make it a point to follow up with them. This gesture shows that you value their business and care about their satisfaction. It can be as simple as a brief email or phone call to ensure everything was handled to their satisfaction.

Scheduling Appointments and Integrating with Software

Home service businesses need reliable appointment scheduling for their operations, and Front Office Solutions easily integrates with almost any scheduling software. Your phone answering team can efficiently and effectively manage appointments using the real-time scheduling information we provide.

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