Telephone Answering Service

A Telephone Answering Service Customized for Your Business

live answering servicesFront Office Solutions provides 24/7 exceptional and personalized live telephone answering services, virtual receptionist, call dispatch, phone call overflow and call center services that increase your business revenue.

Answering services that are extremely affordable with no hidden costs.

We specialize in after hours and 24 hour emergency services like plumbers, electricians, roofers, pest control, HVAC companies, and other home service companies and contractors, but will customize a telephone answering service for any type of business of any size.

You receive a “local to you” number to forward your phones too. This way you have no long distance charges. Front Office Solutions provides phone answering & dispatch services 24/7. Any time you need to forward your phones, we are there.

We can also provide you with complete virtual receptionist services offering scheduling and covering all your front office tasks.

Our clients love us and you will too!

We answer your phones just like we were an extension of your business. We treat your customers with respect and provide excellent customer service. Front Office Solutions generates a customized message and report that is designed by YOU. Your reports are delivered each morning from the previous night (or anytime you would like.) Front Office Solutions existing clients are extremely happy with our professional telephone answering service. Be sure to read our client reviews.

Here are just a few of the benefits you receive:

  • A Customized Service Plan
  • Highly Trained, Dependable, Professional & Sincere USA receptionists
  • An extension of your business
  • 365/24/7 answering services to insure your business never closes (should you wish)
  • Overflow calls answered (never miss a call should you wish)
  • Live transfer of warm leads to staff
  • State of the art equipment & systems to deliver the best service
  • Personalized greetings to your company
  • Guaranteed live answering
  • Call screening
  • Last minute changes to on call personnel – a simple email is all we need
  • Hold music can be your personalized advertisement
  • Detailed, full reports of all calls built specifically to your business
  • Messages can be delivered by SMS/text, email, phone call, or chat client at no additional cost
  • Cheaper, friendlier, and more dependable than most employees
  • Flat Rates. No hidden fees. Straight forward billing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for spam calls?

Many of our competitors charge you anytime the phone rings, but we only charge for calls 30 seconds and above. So if there are lots of robo calls, hang ups, and wrong numbers, those won’t contribute to your monthly totals.

We also block calls from all solicitors, which significantly cuts down on bad calls for all of our clients.

Are there extra fees for nights and weekends?

No! All of our plans come with a total number of minutes that can be used 24/7/365, with no additional fees for type or time of call.

How do you answer the phone?

We can answer the phone any way you want! Most of our clients prefer us to answer the phone like any other full-time employee, with “Hi, you’ve reached [company name], how can I help you?”

Who will be answering my phone?

Our receptionists are full and part time employees who have been carefully chosen for their tact, responsiveness, and customer service skills. All of our receptionists work from our office in La Grande, Oregon.

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Live Telephone Answering Services with No Hidden Fees

Most telephone answering, call reception and dispatch services have set packages & pricing with hidden “ala carte” add ons.

We have no one size fits all packages. We help you easily create a cost effective and efficient system that works specifically for your business that is affordable with no hidden fees.

We also offer HVAC scheduling services, plumbing scheduling services and other virtual receptionist services.


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A few of our many thrilled clients:

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