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You’ve had customers call while you’re stuck in a crawl space or when you’ve finished work for the evening. Sure, you’re missing work by missing those calls, but it’s a huge hassle and expense to hire a receptionist. So what can you do?

Hire a phone answering service! At Front Office Solutions, we work exclusively with home service companies, like pest control companies, so you’ll get access to a phone answering team that understands the unique needs of your business. Our US-based team is available to handle your overflow calls, your after hours calls, or all of your calls, 24/7/365. Contact us today to get started with your free 7 day trial!

Why Choose a Pest Control Answering Service?

In short, when you work with a virtual receptionist, you get all of the benefits of having a receptionist for less cost and hassle. Here are some of the ways you benefit:

  • Save time: A live answering service helps you save time in so many ways. Most obviously, they take your calls and screen them before they get to you. They can handle many small customer concerns without your input. Plus, they can be available in the evenings or weekends, taking calls so you can relax. A virtual receptionist will help with your work-life balance, which will make you more productive in the long-run.
  • Save money: You don’t need to pay your virtual receptionist vacation or worry about the tax implications of hiring someone. If you’re unhappy with your assistant, it’s much easier to cancel with us than to fire an employee.
  • Simplify your life: Outsourcing shouldn’t be a headache. Our team works with hundreds of home service businesses like yours, so we know exactly what customers expect from a live operator.
  • Call handling on your terms: From simple call-forwarding to conditional routing, your outsourced attendant can handle telephone calls any way you want.
  • Make more money: Customers don’t like being sent to voicemail. If you don’t have someone in charge of call handling around the clock, chances are good that you’ll lose business. Our live operators can take messages, transfer warm leads, message your staff on your terms, and more. Our messaging, scripting, and routing services are completely customizable, so each phone call can be handled just the way you like it.
  • 24/7 coverage: Your virtual receptionist can be available 24/7 to answer the phone phone. You can also have us just answer the phone during the off hours, during regular business hours, or just during the busy season to handle overflow calls. The choice is yours.
  • No scheduling: Don’t worry about finding someone to cover your receptionist’s off-days, vacation, or sick days. We’ll take care of that and ensure you have full coverage from your virtual receptionist.
  • Reporting to you: Unlike an in-person receptionist, our virtual receptionists are highly accountable. They create reports on every call they receive so that you know how your customers are responding and how their calls are being handled.
  • Impress and delight your customers: Automated answering systems lose customers. Our call answering staff is trained to handle each inbound call professionally and courteously, so your business is always shown in a positive light. From the first greeting to the last follow up call, your customers will be surprised by how easy it is to work with our polished and professional staff.
  • Add services as you need them. Of course our team offers the regular call center services, such as handling your incoming calls and forwarding live leads to your sales team. But we can also do a lot more than just answer the phone. Our team can also handle dispatching, appointment setting, developing a sales script, order processing, handling callbacks, and even bidding jobs over the phone.

Grow Your Revenue

Some customers find their pest problem in the middle of the night and start calling pest companies right then. Do they reach your competitor before they reach you? If so, you’re missing out on business. You can grow your revenue, without adding too much to your overhead, by choosing a virtual receptionist to capture those calls. We answer in 3 rings or less, every single time.

With smart scheduling, your receptionist will also help make your day more efficient. Don’t waste time driving across town when you don’t need to. Your receptionist will also make your life more convenient by contacting you to alert you about your calls through whatever method is most convenient for you.

Our service plans vary on what you need in particular, and are always flexible to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. We offer appointment scheduling and dispatching as well to help keep your business organized in the best way possible.

Front Office Solutions doesn’t just provide customized answering services for pest control businesses. We also offer answering services for roofers, HVAC services, plumbers, and more. So, if you want to recapture what would have been lost leads, give us a call and invest in a specialized answering service for your business today!

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Call Screening Pays for Itself

Let’s face it: the average pest control company gets a lot of spam calls. From marketing and insurance sales calls to car warranty scams and worse, it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the trash to find the good calls that you need to thrive.

The good news for you is, with the help of Front Office Solutions, you and your staff will never have to field those calls again. Our call answering service will filter those calls out so you’re left with nothing but real, legitimate leads. By relying on a live person instead of an automated service, you can also be sure that real service leads aren’t getting mistakenly filtered out.

Built for Pest Control Businesses Large & Small

Small businesses tend to be different from larger franchises and chains in a lot of ways. Many customers appreciate working with smaller, local businesses to keep their tax dollars local, support their communities, and receive more receptive service. That’s why its important that your call handling staff acts as part of your team, instead of a distant call center.

For larger businesses, it’s important to handle a large volume of work to keep cash flowing. Customers who call larger pest control companies enjoy the simplicity and professionalism of working with companies with a proven track record–and we do our part to support that. We can integrate with your current dispatch methods or replace them entirely, making us one of the most flexible call center solutions for the pest control industry.


We treat each caller with the respect and attention they deserve, and are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight. Many of our pest control clients like to listen to individual call recordings to give feedback on how their calls are handled, and few call answering services commit to that feedback as quickly as we do.

For our own clients, our goal is to be a value add for your small business. That means understanding your unique business needs and constraints to develop a custom service offering that helps on your terms, not ours.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Front office has been such a great addition to our company! They have incredible attention to detail and customer service not only to us but also to our customers as well. We are thoroughly happy with their performance and highly recommend their

Alyssa W.

So Much More than a Call Center

With our live phone answering team, we provide the knowledge to answer any questions needed at that moment. A couple of them being, “Could I try the service out before I buy it?” or “I don’t offer emergency services. Do I still need an answering service?” are answered on our FAQ page. Our company works with CRMs, which allow less room for error and keeps your needs organized in an easy way. We got you covered and allow room for options, and are flexible with working with you.

Our team can also handle virtual receptionist tasks, like job scheduling, that go beyond what a typical pest control call center can offer. From making outbound calls to confirm appointments, coordinating with local city offices for permits, and making updates in your billing software, we think you’ll be surprised by just how much value we can offer.

Why Work with Front Office Solutions?

  • Flexibility: When do you need a receptionist? You choose the days and times you’d like us to answer your calls.
  • Well-trained receptionists: Our receptionists are highly trained on their tasks and the pest control industry, so they’ll understand you and be able to direct your customers.
  • Your customers won’t know: Our receptionists speak English as a first language and treat all customers with respect and empathy.

Choose us as your pest control answering service.

We Integrate with Your CRM

Our goal is to make your tasks easier by having our services accommodate your specific needs. For many of our pest control clients, that means working directly with their current CRM or project management software to keep things streamlined. Unlike most call centers for pest control companies, we are prepared to work with a variety of software, not just two or three platforms. That gives you better flexibility to choose the solutions that are right for you, instead of tying you to our preferred software.

Image is Everything

Phone answering services have a bad reputation. If a customer feels like their call is being sent halfway around the world to someone who doesn’t understand their needs, they’ll call someone else.

When you team up with us, you can rest easy knowing that only the most exceptional, professional live telephone operators are waiting on the other end of the phone line. Our receptionists work one-on-one with our clients to make sure the phone is answered on your terms.

But answering the phone professional is only the beginning. Our team has worked with enough pest control businesses to understand the priorities and pain points of your industry. That’s why we also offer a full suite of virtual office services to support you, which go far beyond what you’ll get from a typical inbound call center.

Customer service will always be a top priority for not only our success, but for yours as well. Try a 7-day free trial today to see if we’re the phone answering service that your pest control company needs to thrive. We also provide tailored answering services for HVAC contractors, roofers, electricians, plumbers, and more.

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Stop Handing Business Over to Your Competition

Be there when your prospects and customers need you. Get started with the best electrical answering service available & stop letting opportunities slip through your fingers.

Start your 7 day free trial today to see if Front Office Solutions is right for you.

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