Phone Etiquette

Learn more about phone etiquette from our team. We cover everything from how to field calls, respond to clients, and handle angry customers more effectively with these helpful tips and insights from our team of virtual assistants.

8 Tips for Putting a Customer on Hold and How to Avoid It

7 tips for putting a customer on hold and how to avoid it

No one wants to wait on hold because it makes people feel like the person that put them on hold isn’t that interested in their business and doesn’t value their time. Whenever possible, you should avoid putting someone on hold. But, sometimes, it is necessary. There are ways to minimize the impact of putting aContinue reading…

The 7 Most Essential Customer Service Skills for Receptionists

The 7 most essential customer service skills for receptionists

Receptionists rely on their soft skills much more than many other professionals. These aren’t skills that apply to any specific career, but skills that could benefit people in most positions, and even just in their daily lives. Soft skills can be more challenging to learn than other skills because there aren’t exactly courses on them.Continue reading…

6 Ways Contractors Can Deal with Robocalls

5 ways contractors can deal with robocalls

Robocalls, or automated spam calls, bother everyone. However, the problem may be more frustrating for contractors who need to answer unknown numbers in case it’s a customer calling. You may waste a lot of precious time on spam callers, even cutting of discussions with customers early to try to take the call. Plus, you can’tContinue reading…

How to Handle HVAC Customer Call Backs

how to handle HVAC customer call backs

We get it, call backs can be frustrating. It seems like no matter how professional you are, and dedicated to the job, some customers will always call you back. You can blame the occasional mistake, manufacturer defect, or overly concerned customer for wasting your time. They may be frustrating, but how you handle call backsContinue reading…

How to Overcome Phone Anxiety

using the phone

Do you ever look at your ringing phone, feel your heart start to pound, and decide that you just can’t answer it? This is one symptom of phone anxiety, a type of social anxiety that can make starting a phone call or answering one very difficult. These days, most people with phone anxiety can simplyContinue reading…

4 Steps to Turn Customer Complaints Into Raving Reviews

How your company handles customer complaints can make or break you. Especially in today’s “online reviews” atmosphere.  All firms are bound to receive negative feedback, but the distinction lies in how they respond. Although it may be impossible to satisfy everyone, true business leaders know that being proactive is a perfect recipe for improving consumerContinue reading…

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