Electricians: get help running your business with these tips, tricks, and insights.

If you want to miss fewer leads and reclaim your time, learn more about our answering services for electricians. We are also happy to offer virtual receptionist services for electricians who want dispatching and warm transfers to staff, and virtual office manager services for electricians who want help pulling permits, managing the customer database, tracking expenses, and more.

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What is the Hardest Part About Running an Electrical Business?

what is the hardest part about running an electrical business?

The hardest part of running an electrical business is rarely the electrical work. Most who start their own electrical business are confident in their ability to do that part of the job. But, there are so many other parts of running an electrical business that you just don’t have to deal with when you’re anContinue reading…

Developing a Call Answering Script for Your Electrical Business

developing a call answering script for your electrical business

Making the jump to having a dedicated answering script for yourself, your receptionist, or your answering service is a wise move. It helps ensure each customer is treated well and receives the same level of customer service. It also should ensure that your team gathers all of the information that you’ll need on each callContinue reading…

Phone Service Tips for Electrical Contractors

phone service tips for electrical contractors

Talking to customers over the phone is not something that comes naturally to most electrical contractors. That is especially true if you spent some time working for someone else instead of running your own business and didn’t take customer calls. But phone service is now an essential part of your work. Good calls make customersContinue reading…

Should I Become a Plumber, HVAC Tech or Electrician?

should I become a plumber, HVAC tech or electrician?

It’s common for people who want a career in the trades to not be quite sure which of the major three they should pursue. After all, plumbing, HVAC and electrical work all share the key qualities that have likely attracted you to the trades: great work stability, working with your hands and not at aContinue reading…

How to Improve Your Electrician Business’s Profit Margins

how to improve your electrician business's profit margins

With supply shortages being a commonplace occurrence, controlled spending and higher efficiency in your business is becoming vital. Copper and steel have always been somewhat limited in their abundance, and can be high on cost, with other necessary materials following the same trend. Ensuring you have a way to improve your profit margins and keepContinue reading…

How Electricians Can Outsource Their Support Tasks

how electricians can outsource their support tasks

As your business starts to grow and become more popular, it might be time for you to consider outsourcing some of your general support tasks. Having the right outsourcing partner can help provide better efficiency with your time, finances, and will even improve your bottom line over time. Outsourcing can, at times, be a somewhatContinue reading…

How Electrical Contractors Can Improve Customer Retention

how electrical contractors can improve customer retention

It is expensive to convert new customers and often much less expensive to simply retain the ones you have. As an electrician, your customers may need repeated services in a much shorter time frame than other contractors, such as roofers and plumbers. So, retaining customers can be a smart way to make more sales andContinue reading…

How to Grow an Electrical Service on a Budget

how to grow an electrical service on a budget

You could always stand to grow your electrical service business some more. But, what if you’re working with a small marketing budget. You can’t afford to invest in large campaigns, and even small versions of direct mail or pay-per-click can be too expensive per lead. The only way to get a bigger marketing budget isContinue reading…

Electrical Contractor Industry Statistics

electrical contractor industry statistics

The electrical industry has seen unusual and sometimes competing forces that can make it hard for you to get an overall sense of the market. For example, while there is an overall ongoing labor shortage, there was also lower demand for electrical services at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This created both lowered workContinue reading…

Three Advanced Customer Service Tips for Electricians

three advanced customer service tips for electricians

Customer service is more complicated than just being kind to customers. Sure, basic customer service tips for electricians like being polite on the phone can help you avoid losing customers. However, advanced customer service efforts can help you grow your business by creating such a seamless customer experience that more of your leads become customers.Continue reading…

How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Burnout

how small business owners can avoid burnout

Almost all small business owners have experienced burnout and understand that too much stress and work can have a serious impact on their quality of life. It may seem like burnout only costs you in mental well-being, but it costs you in dollars too. The American Institute of Stress estimates that burnout costs the UnitedContinue reading…

Why a Virtual Receptionist Will Benefit Almost Any Business

Businesses today must operate with complete efficiency in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. However, efficiency that is obtained by sacrificing the customer experience or tarnishing your professional image is not beneficial. Simple tasks such as answering the phone professionally and promptly may seem relatively unimportant in comparison to a major factor such asContinue reading…

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