The Best Virtual Receptionist and Live Call Answering Services Available

  • 24 hour live phone answering services that will “Wow” your clients!
    State of the Art technology. Get total relief & increase your revenues.
  • Specialized answering services and scheduling services for HVAC, plumbing, roofing, pest control, and electrical contractors.
  • Affordable Plans and No Hidden Fees!
  • Get your own A+ rated customer service team in minutes!

Live 24/7 Phone Answering in La Grande, OR, USA

A few of our many thrilled clients:

“I have tried all of the pro reception services (Ruby, Gabbyville, etc, etc) and this is by far the best. A real business owner and not some giant corporation, real receptionist with names that you get to know, and both are responsive to my needs. Really just the most I could hope for! I am one happy client :)”

Michelle Tack – Owner – Just 4 Fun Party Rentals Santa Barbara, CA

in app scheduling

We Offer In-App Scheduling

Managing a field team can be tricky, but with direct in-app scheduling for Service Titan, HouseCall Pro, Sera, and dozens of other apps, our team can make it easy. From creating appointments to managing your team, rescheduling, callbacks and more, our staff can work with your current system to make the experience seamless.

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Take Your Business to The Next Level

Our 24/7 live answering services pay for themselves, plus increase your revenues.

Imagine your own awesome customer service team, at much less cost than hiring even one person in house. Here are just a few benefits you’ll receive:

24 Hour Live
Call Answering

24 hour live phone answering services that will “Wow” your clients! State of the art technology. You get total relief 24 hours, 365 days a year.

An Extension
of Your Business

Those calling your business will never know they are not talking to your awesome office staff. You can even choose to have us make outbound calls for you and more. We make you look great.

Perfect Message
Taking or Live Transfers

Never worry about miscommunications. You get the exact details you want from your clients. None are ever missed. Warm live transfers to staff at your request.

Scheduling & Customer Service

Scheduling &
Customer Service

Advanced tools, scheduling services, virtual calendars, and we can even make outbound calls for you. You will be free to work on other important items.


Automated reminders can be sent to you and your customers, or our virtual receptionists can make warm personal calls. Eliminate missed appointments and lost time.

Personalized Call
Greeting & Handling

We have systems to learn your business fast and handle calls the way you want. Extremely professional. Our virtual receptionists make your business stand out against your competition.

Daily “On The Fly” Changes

Daily “On The Fly”

With FOS there is no waiting hours or days for changes to take effect. We respond back quickly to your requests, changes, and questions. One less thing to cover in your day.

Only Billed For Customer Calls

Only Billed for
Customer Calls

Phone calls not directly related to your business (sales/spam) are not billed against your monthly minute pool. This saves you money and headache.

Telephone Answering Service

Never Miss a Call – Increased Revenues

Day or night, your customers won’t get voicemail. They will get a highly trained receptionist. Your clients will be taken care of immediately. Your sales will increase as a result.

How Our Virtual Receptionist Live Call Answering Works:

Live Answering Service

Greet & WOW!
Your Callers

24 hour live phone answering services that will “Wow” your clients. State of the Art technology. Get total relief.

Virtual Receptionists

Gather All Details &Info
You Would Like

Your clients will love us. You will get the exact details you want.

Virtual Receptionist

Transfer Messages,
Schedule Appointments
& More!

You will have an incredible extension of your office, and stand out against your toughest competition.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Get 7 Days Free & Experience the Best Answering Service Available!

Exceptional and Affordable Virtual Receptionist Services & Live Telephone Answering Services - 24/7.
Specializing in HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical companies.

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