An Exceptional 24/7 Answering Service for HVAC Companies

Increase your revenues and reduce stress, for significantly less than a full-time receptionist

HVAC technician repairs air conditioning condenserMore than anything, customers except their HVAC companies to be dependable. If you miss a call, chances are good that you’ll also miss a customer.

Even if you have someone available to take calls during regular business hours, what about after hours calls, weekend calls, and calls on holidays? Calls unanswered is revenue lost.

That’s where we come in.

A highly trained, affordable, HVAC phone answering service with 24/7/365 availability.

For a flat fee, you’ll get a personalized service plan that addresses all of your needs and ensures that your HVAC business can always be reached & stands above your competition.

Our receptionists are specifically trained to answer calls for the HVAC industry. Your clients and prospects will feel they’ve reached your own awesome staff, never knowing the difference.


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Fully US-Based

Our live answering service staff is 100% located in La Grande, Oregon. That creates a seamless experience for your customers.

Fully Custom

We can answer calls and route them any way you want. From the initial greeting and hold music to notifications, messaging, and live transfers, our service is 100% customizable.

Fully Self-Funding

Capturing calls you would otherwise miss can easily pay for our services. Outsourcing to us also helps you avoid employee benefit expenses, unemployment, and insurance payments.

What Our Clients are Saying

Front Office Solutions makes my company so much more professional in the eyes of my customers. They are great… I love you guys!


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Quit Losing Business

Nothing frustrates customers more than being unable to get the help that they need when they need it. That’s particularly true when it comes to HVAC services, which are often needed at the most inconvenient times. Using a recorded message after hours is less than optimal, as most people want to speak to a live person. Even if you have someone to field calls by day, there’s only so much that they can do. When call volume is high, many calls will be missed. If you can’t afford to miss out on new business, you can’t afford to miss phone calls.

If all you need is an HVAC after hours answering service to handle calls on nights and weekends, we can handle that. Our team will handle your leads as they come in, whenever they come in, so they’ll be ready for your technicians when they arrive the next work morning.

Our team can also take over 100% of your business’s inbound call needs, 24/7. Eliminating internal call staff can help reduce your costs and simplify your operations, so you can focus on other business needs.

Increase Your Revenues

For less than you can hire and train an office person to take calls, answer questions, schedule, dispatch, file permits for you, and many other tasks, you can hire us. And you won’t have to worry about training, taxes, insurance, sick time, vacation time, the list goes on. Our virtual receptionists are specifically trained for HVAC companies and know your business already. We have systems in place to make your HVAC business run smoother and more profitable. Our existing clients will vouch for us. Your revenues will increase and you will have much less stress everyday as a result of our services.

With FOS Answering your calls during and after business hours, you are certain never to miss any potential leads and revenue.

Actual Client Calls and Revenue Generated for Our HVAC Clients

HVAC Calls Answered and Revenue Generated by our heating and cooling call center

Our services pay for themselves by increasing your revenue.

Benefits of Hiring a HVAC Phone Answering Service

hvac unitFront Office Solutions has your HVAC company covered with 24/7 phone answering services that ensure potential customers are able to reach you around the clock, without the hassle of having to answer all these calls yourself. Our team of highly trained virtual receptionists all have experience with the HVAC industry, making them more than qualified to take descriptive messages, respond to questions in depth, and relay information back to you promptly and accurately.

Making sure that your business never misses a call is our specialty, because whenever you make money, we do. We understand that as an HVAC contractor, you want to get work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. There’s no point trying to take every single call, accurately schedule each appointment, and get your work done all at the same time. If you offer emergency services, there’s always the chance that you’ll need to send a technician out for an emergency repair at a moment’s notice.

With all of these factors at play, it can be easy to get lost in all of the little details, costing your company time and business in the process. Why not start making things easier on yourself? Our team of qualified phone answering service professionals have years of experience in the HVAC industry, so they won’t have a problem fielding HVAC related questions, diagnosing potential problems, and offering reliable quotes to your customer base. Outsourcing your call handling to highly-trained live operators means you’ll have less to worry about, so you can focus on more important things.

Live communication is an integral part of any contractor business, regardless of the various industries it may be in. Front Office Solutions provides just that by giving your business more access to high quality leads by answering more calls. Our services come in packages that are customized specifically to meet your HVAC company’s needs. So, whether you need a call center answering service or an HVAC virtual receptionist, give us a call and let us help your company start to capture more leads today.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Our HVAC Answering Service

Every call to your business that goes unanswered is a missed opportunity. Ensure that emergency calls and regular calls are handled properly whenever they come in by signing up for our HVAC answering service. We will help you thrill your existing clients, and gain new ones.


Of customers are likely to make repeat purchases from companies that offer excellent customer service.


Of callers will hang up without leaving a voicemail if their call isn’t answered.


Of callers prefer a phone conversation to an email.

We’re More than an HVAC Call Center

call center worker with headset answers service call for air conditioning repair

HVAC call centers are notorious for offering undependable and unreliable service. Here’s how we do things differently:

  • Consistent receptionists – Our receptionists and managers will get to know you & your company, so your reputation will always be in good hands.
  • We know the HVAC industry – Working with HVAC clients has taught us the equipment, the terminology, and what clients come to expect from your business. That makes our answering service company better equipped to handle your HVAC service calls.
  • We care about your company – We believe that long-term relationships are the key to building a good business. That’s why we do more than just answer the phones–we want to understand your overall business goals, so we can learn to help even more.
  • Emergency answering services available – Whether you need someone to handle the phones 24/7/365, someone to handle just your HVAC emergency calls, or anything in between, we’re more than happy to help.
  • We work with businesses large and small. Our answering service center works with small HVAC companies, massive HVAC companies, and everything in between. We can also work with specialty contractors, such as air duct cleaning companies.

Phone Answering & More on Your Terms

Our HVAC answering services are customized to suit each company’s individual needs. Here are just a few of the features we offer.

• Superior Customer Service – When a customer calls, that’s often their first customer service interaction with your company. That’s why we only hire people with exceptional people skills, customer service skills, and actual personalities. Our telephone service representatives, or TSRs, are native English speakers who live in the U.S. and can handle your calls with empathy and professionalism. Since they follow your exact protocol, no one will know know that they aren’t at your actual location.

• Representatives Who Know HVAC – Our representatives are trained to take calls specifically for HVAC businesses. That means they have a strong baseline of industry terminology, understand which services offer better margins, and have a strong understanding of what your clients will expect from a professional service company. We can even work with your price book to offer estimates over the phone.

• Tailored to Fit Your Needs – Whether you prefer selling air conditioning service and maintenance, ductwork cleaning and repairs, commercial HVACR services, geothermal heating installation, or ductless A/C maintenance packages, our representatives will prioritize your best services. We will also check up regularly to tailor their responses to your company’s other preferences and policies.

• Call Handling on Your Terms – Our live phone answering staff can transfer calls based on rules you set up, so you can speak with high-value clients directly. We offer call forwarding, scripting, and call handling options that go far beyond what you’ll get from typical call center services.

• Notifications on Your Terms – Receive notifications about your company’s calls on your terms. We can work with your existing system for processing notifications or help you develop a new one. Get a message in your field service management software every time you get a new lead, a call from your receptionist any time a customer is interested in signing up for a maintenance package, or a text every time you get a repeat customer so you can add them to new marketing funnels. The choice is yours.

• Compatibility with your Software – Many HVAC call centers only work with a limited number of scheduling options, but Front Office Solutions can set appointments for your technicians using the industry’s leading scheduling software, including ServiceTitan, GeoOp, HouseCall Pro, and much more.

• Customized Service Plan – What separates Front Office Solutions from a typical HVAC call center? We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, so we will sit down with you to learn what you’re looking for in an answering service. We’ll use this information to formulate a customized service plan that addresses all of your needs.

• State-of-the-Art Equipment – We strictly rely on the finest telephone and communications equipment available. State-of-the-art technologies allow us to effortlessly route and forward calls wherever they need to go. All calls are recorded digitally, and they can be forwarded on using a variety of different formats. Call quality is impeccable, so your customers will have no problem communicating their needs loudly and clearly.

• Convenient Packages – While our services are customized to meet your needs, we have developed an assortment of packages that take the guesswork out of selecting and paying for our services. After assessing your needs, we will present you with the most relevant options. These packages feature flat-fee pricing, so you never have to worry about surprise charges. Additional features may be added for additional fees, so you can easily get the precise level of service that you need.

• Local Numbers – At Front Office Solutions, we understand that you’d like your customers to believe that they are always speaking to someone from your actual business. Therefore, calls are forwarded from local-to-you numbers, so the experience is seamless for your customers. This also eliminates the risk of long-distance charges, so you save even more money. We also offer toll free numbers if you prefer them.

• Detailed Reports – Just because you can’t be awake around the clock doesn’t mean that you should be in the dark. Every day, you will receive a detailed report that highlights each call that was answered. We can deliver this report first thing in the morning or whenever you prefer.

• 24/7/365 Availability – Letting calls go to voicemail because no one was there to answer the call can cost you serious money. That’s why our representatives can be ready 24/7/365 to schedule work for on-call technicians, or even to schedule them for technicians during your everyday business hours.

• Ready for Growth – Most HVAC companies that call us are getting ready to grow, or are already growing aggressively. With that in mind, we offer the flexibility to easily scale up or down your service packages to meet your unique needs.

• So Much More – Front Office Solutions can customize your service to suit your precise requirements. Swap out hold music for your own custom advertisement. Have messages delivered in the format of your choice, including SMS text, email, chat, phone or fax. All calls are recorded digitally and backed up securely. We also offer call screening, and our TSRs can handle overflow calls during peak call periods as well. Whatever you may need, you can count on us.

We Also Offer Virtual Office Managers for HVAC

If you’re looking for an answering service that can also dispatch, you’re in the right place.

Hiring a full time office manager for your heating and cooling business can be expensive–and completely unnecessary.

Our virtual office managers can handle a wide variety of receptionist, scheduling, and management needs:

  • Scheduling and rescheduling appointments
  • Emergency dispatching and on-call scheduling
  • Screening calls
  • Taking messages
  • Transferring specific kinds of calls to other staff
  • Calling outbound from a local-to-you number
  • Contacting the city for inspections
  • And much more

Hiring us for your HVAC appointment scheduling and HVAC dispatching needs can save you up to 50% versus the cost of hiring your own employee.

Learn more about our virtual office management services or call now for a customized service package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover both residential and commercial-focused HVAC compaines?

Yes. We know that home service HVAC businesses and commercial HVAC businesses have wildly different customer service needs, and we’re fully equipped to work with both of them. Call today to learn more about how we work with different kinds of HVAC contractors.

How will I receive call summaries?

Call summaries are delivered 100% on your terms. Whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly summaries, delivered by phone, text, or email, we can deliver.

Do you provide other types of customer service support?

Yes. We are equipped for phone answering, call routing, callbacks, appointment setting and more. We’re also adding new services all the time.

Is it obvious that my call answering is being outsourced?

100% of our call answering staff works in our office in Beaverton, Oregon. Expect a live operator who will seamlessly integrate into your business while answering calls on your terms.

We also invite you to try out our seven day free trial so you can see for yourself.

100% Human – Always

It’s no surprise that customers overwhelmingly prefer talking to a human, instead of a chatbot or phone maze. That’s why our phones are answered by real, live people 100% of the time.

At Front Office Solutions, we believe that human to human interaction is still the best way to provide customer service, solve problems, and connect with your potential customers in a meaningful way.

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Serving HVAC Contractors & More

Front Office Solutions is based in the U.S. and our professionally trained virtual receptionists are available whenever you need us—24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take all of your HVAC related phone calls. There’s no need to sacrifice the relationship you build with clients for the sake of taking more calls when you can have the best of both worlds. Fortunately, this goes for contractors in all industries.

Front Office Solutions can screen calls, schedule appointments, and relay client information to your contractor service company, whether you specialize in HVAC or in other industries. Whatever your communication needs may be, Front Office Solutions is ready to be your 247 answering service for life.

We offer HVAC scheduling services as well as call answering services for plumbers, electricians, pest control services, roofing contractors, and other types of contractors. Call now to learn more.

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