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Virtual receptionist takes a plumbing phone callFront Office Solutions offers a live virtual receptionist answering service customized just for plumbing companies.

You receive affordable, fixed pricing, and a vast array of features. It’s the optimal way to be there for your customers no matter what.

Your customers will feel they’re talking with your awesome office staff. They’ll never know the difference and they will receive exceptional customer service.

We even offer options for full office manager services that can save you 50% of hiring your own employee!

You will love us. 100% Guaranteed.

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One of the most common complaints that customers have about plumbing companies is that they’re often difficult to reach.

This makes sense because most plumbing companies are small businesses that have limited resources and staff at their disposal. If your plumbing company struggles to answer customers’ calls, it’s missing out on untold amounts of business–and your reputation is probably being tarnished.

Grow Your Business

Sending customers to voicemail hurts your business, period. Let our team capture those leads that are going to waste, 24/7.

US-Based Operators

All calls are answered at our headquarters in La Grande, Oregon by fully fluent and native English speakers.

Fully Custom

Enjoy total control over how and when your calls are answered. We also offer appointment scheduling, custom notifications, and so much more.

Unanswered Calls Are Missed Opportunities and Revenue

Not being there to take a phone call during regular business hours is bad enough. Not being there when an emergency strikes in the middle of the night is much worse.

With so many competitors vying for their business, callers can–and do–give up on companies that don’t have actual humans available to take their calls. Customers expect to be greeted and helped quickly, but if they’re asked to leave a voicemail, chances are good that they’ll just move on to the next plumbing company.

Our plumbing answering service allows you to focus on running your business while ensuring that phone calls are answered by skilled, live operators around the clock. Whether you experience high call volumes by day and need overflow help or have no way to take calls after hours, you won’t find a better solution. Our live answering staff can dispatch your emergency response staff directly, or schedule work during your next hours of operation.


of the customers who call and don’t get an answer won’t call back.


of customers will hang up if left on hold for any amount of time.


of callers prefer phone conversations to email.

What’s the Difference Between a Call Center and a Phone Answering Service?

Call centers and phone answering services have a lot in common. Both will give you a live person answering the phone on behalf of your business, but the similarities end there.

Most call center service providers are high volume and focused on cost. They’re typically understaffed, underpaid, and not located in the US. Call centers evaluate their employees based on how quickly they can get a caller off the phone, and it shows.

Call answering services like Front Office Solutions are focused on call quality, not quantity. We work with a smaller number of clients in a few focused industries, like plumbing and HVAC, which means we can put more resources into learning your unique business needs. Our staff is also coached to provide courteous, professional service to each caller, instead of trying to get them off the phone as quickly as possible. Last but not least, our call answering service gives you many more options for how we handle each call: we can forward live service calls to you, change the greeting based on your current promotions, screen unwanted calls, send important business development calls straight to your voicemail, and much more.

A phone answering service and a call center may sound similar, but once you’ve tried a phone answering service, we’re confident that you’ll never go back.

Do You Offer Scheduling Services?

Absolutely. Our team can schedule into the project management system or calendar of your choice. Learn more about our scheduling services for plumbers.

Do You Bill for Spam Calls?

Phone calls not directly related to your business (sales/spam) are not billed against your monthly minute pool. This saves you money and headache.

Do You Work with Specialty Plumbing Services?

Absolutely. Whether you specialize in residential or commercial plumbing, specific services like sewers and septic systems, or offer services in addition to plumbing (like HVAC) we have a solution for you.

Actual Client Calls and Revenue Generated

The chart below shows actual calls we’ve taken for plumbing companies and revenue generated as a result:

Plumbing Calls Answered and Revenue Generated

Our services pay for themselves by increasing your revenue.

What’s Included?

When you sign up for our answering service for plumbing companies, you’ll enjoy all of these benefits and more:

• Telephone Service Representatives Specifically Trained for Plumbing – One of the top problems that plumbing companies experience with answering services is unskilled, poorly trained TSRs. You never have to worry about that with Front Office Solutions because every TSR that we employ undergoes extensive training. Our call answering staff is coached to be courteous, professional, and to understand how your business operates, so they can not only serve an important role within your business, but represent it as well. All of our TSRs are native English speakers, and they are trained to follow your exact protocols. As a result, no one who speaks to them will suspect that they are not actual employees of your business.

• Answering and Messaging on Your Terms – Our team does more than answering calls. We can also handle your incoming messaging from SMS and live chat services, call forwarding to internal sales teams, call screening, voice-mail transferring, and more.

• For Residential and Commercial Plumbing Companies – Every type of plumbing business can benefit from professional call handling. Our live operators make upholding your professional image a priority, so commercial clients will be impressed with your responsiveness and and professionalism.

• Personalized Service Plan – Every plumbing company is different. In light of this, we will sit down with you to find our exactly what you need from an answering service, and we’ll then create a customized service plan that addresses all of your requirements.

• Packages – We offer flat-fee packages that simplify the process of getting answering service assistance. Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t tack on extra charges and give you sticker shock. From the moment that you sign up, you will know exactly how much you will be paying–and that figure won’t unexpectedly change. All packages can be further customized with a la carte features for additional fees.

• Local Phone Numbers – In the interest of reassuring your customers that you are locally owned and operated, you’d probably like any number that they call to be local to you. With Front Office Solutions’ plumbing answering service, you will enjoy local-to-you numbers, so your customers never have to know that you are hiring out for this service.

• First-Rate Equipment – Part of our commitment to providing top-notch service includes arming our telephone service representatives, or TSRs, with the latest and best tools and equipment. Through the use of advanced digital recording technology, we are able to record all calls that we handle for you. We can also submit them to you in a variety of formats, so there is no need to compromise.

• Reports – Keep up to speed about calls that are handled while you are away with detailed daily reports. These reports can be delivered to you every morning or at the time of day that works best for you. Use them to ensure that leads are followed up on and that all of your customers’ needs are being met.

• Commercial Plumbing Companies – Many commercial plumbers receive emergency requests emailed to them throughout the night from facilities maintenance management companies such as Service Chanel or Corrigo. Our system allows us to accept these emails for you throughout the night and forward the emergency requests to your on-call techs. Because we are staffed 24/7, these emails are always answered promptly so that you are able to service your commercial clients in a timely manner.

• More – Front Office Solutions stands out from other plumbing answering services by offering a vast selection of thoughtful features. Our TSRs can handle after-hours calls and overflow calls. They can also screen calls for you to minimize interruptions throughout the day. All calls are digitally recorded and then backed up to ensure that they aren’t lost. Messages can be delivered via email, chat, SMS message, fax or phone, and you can replace generic hold music with your own advertisement if you’d like.

What Our Clients are Saying

We are happy to recommend Front Office Solutions for answering services. Not only have we enjoyed working with Jeremy Kilpatrick and the employees of Front Office Solutions, the results were positive and immediate. Our client base has grown and we are able to accept new clientele after business hours thanks to the services the FOS supplies. We are always striving to have the exceptional customer service and staff that are able to give great customer satisfaction.

The members of Front Office Solutions work greatly with our team of customer service specialists and provide wonderful customer service skills. Lastly, their business to business communication is exceptional and we are a satisfied customer. With that being said, I highly recommend Front Office Solutions answering services.

Ally Green

Virtual Receptionists for Plumbers

Need more than what a typical call center for plumbers can offer? No problem! Our virtual receptionist team offers everything from our phone answering service and more.

  • Dispatching and appointment scheduling. We can handle your overflow emergency dispatching, your everyday dispatching needs, or anything in between. Unlike the competition, we can work with virtually any scheduling software for plumbers, so you don’t have to redo your entire system to start up service.
  • Outbound calls. Our team can handle your outbound calling needs, such as following up with leads, or following up after a job.
  • Pulling permits. We can work directly with your local permit office, so you’ll spend less time there in person.
  • And more. We’re adding new services all the time, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Learn more about our plumbing scheduling service or call today to get started with your free 7 day trial.

Why Front Office Solutions?

  • Extremely Affordable – Get full-time phone coverage for a fraction of the price of a full-time employee
  • Fully Custom – We customize services for each client, so you’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t
  • Trusted & Dependable – We’re 5-star rated on virtually every platform, and we have hundreds of happy clients.
  • We Make You Money – Recover lost leads and grow your business like never before.
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Stop Handing Business Over to Your Competition

Be there when your prospects and clients need you. Contact Front Office Solutions’ plumbing answering service to stop letting opportunities slip through your fingers.

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