4 Tips for Handling Customer Complaints (for Roofers)

4 tips for handling customer complaints (for roofers)People deeply care about their homes but often feel out of depth when discussing their roof. As a result, roofers need to deal with many passionate homeowners who are a little uninformed about their roof or what it costs to repair or replace it. This situation makes for complaints. Even the best roofers will need to deal with angry customers. So, how do you do it without further angering the customer? You can even turn complainers into loyal customers with these tips.

1. Don’t Say That They Are Wrong

Yes, people are very frequently wrong about their roofs, whether they read something on the internet, misunderstood what a roofer said to them one time, or just have an unusual idea in their head. This is especially true if you’re a metal roof contractor, as the general public has even less knowledge about metal roofing than shingle roofing. But, point-blank telling someone that they are wrong usually does not go over well.

Instead of telling the customer that they are wrong, instead you should repeat their complaint back to them. This makes them feel heard, without requiring you to agree with them. For example, you could say:

  • It sounds like you’re telling me that you’re concerned that your shingles look curled.
  • You’re upset that you’re finding shingle granules in your gutters, is that right?
  • I just want to make sure I understand—you say that some of your new shingles are missing?

2. Thank Them Kindly

If it seems hard to thank a customer for calling you angry and complaining, try to shift your perspective. This person could have gone to friends and family and complained about your company. Instead, they have given you a chance to respond and help. Try to genuinely thank them for choosing to tell you instead of other people. Try:

  • I appreciate you bringing your concern to my attention.
  • Thank you for reaching out about this.
  • I’m glad you brought your complaint to me.

Also, people who are passionate enough to complain can be turned into your most passionate customers if you handle them well. Approaching the conversation with kindness is one of the best ways to turn your critic into a loyal customer.

3. Offer Help

Before you end the call, detail what you can do to help or resolve the situation. This is especially important in situations where you don’t actually have an answer for the customer’s complaint because you need to gather more information. You might consider saying something like:

  • I’m going to take your concern very seriously and reach out to my team lead who was at your property during the repair work.
  • I am concerned about this, and I will need to come by to look at the roof myself.
  • I can explain to you what is causing your roof problem right now, you see…

4. Get Support

You don’t need to tackle customer complaints on your own. You can get a virtual receptionist who deals with your complaint calls for you. They can reassure your customers, resolve complaints and pass on a much happier customer to you when needed.

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