Why Your Customer Service is Especially Important to Millennials

why your customer service is especially important to millennials Your HVAC company might not have focused on Millennials yet, but this generation now makes up a large proportion of homeowners. Currently, 47% of Millennials own homes, and they are expected to increase in numbers as time goes on. As they increasingly make up your potential customer base, it is a good idea to change your business to match Millennial expectations and ensure that your business will be successful moving forward. Here’s why customer service is among the most important things to focus on as you adjust to Millennials and their needs.

Millennials Will Leave

After one or two bad customer service experiences, people of previous generations were not too likely to leave your company and look into the competition. However, having grown up with the internet and being independent, Millennials are more aware of your competition and more likely to look into it. Research from Entrepreneur has found that half of Millennials leave a business every single year. A quarter will leave your business after a single bad customer service experience, even things like getting voicemail or feeling misunderstood by your technician. It’s more important to offer consistent and quality customer service with Millennials just to keep their business.

Millennials Will Connect with You

There is an upside to Millennial fickleness. They also like to connect with and promote those businesses that they do feel a connection with. Through social media, email marketing and other strategies, you can keep in touch with Millennials and get them to refer your business to others.

Again, customer relationship management is an important way to nurture this connection and get the most out of your Millennial customers. Millennials expect things like quick response time, personalized communication and attention to detail, and reward companies that provide this.

Next Generations Will Follow

While Millennials present a big shift in customer service expectations, the following generations are likely to expect the same. Texting, artificial chatbots on your website, social media profiles and other changes will be expected by generation Z as much as the Millennials. The changes that you make now will continue to support your business moving forward, and eventually, it will be standard to have these improvements in customer service–if it isn’t already.

How to Give Millennials Better Service

So, if Millennials need better customer service, how do you provide them with it? According to Forbes, there are several key expectations Millennials have that you can meet:

  • Immediate response: Millennials want an immediate response to their inquiry, whether they are calling, emailing or texting. Having a receptionist is critical for HVAC companies to accomplish this.
  • Mobile and other devices: Millennials want to access your website and communicate with you on multiple devices. Your website should be functional on mobile and other devices. You may want to keep up with customers through multiple channels, including email and social media. Features like live chat, especially for support issues, can also go a very long way with Millennials. .

Minimize customer service personnel: Millennials do not want to talk to people face-to-face unless they have to. They also typically prefer voiceless channels, such as texting and email, over calling. This may be a big adjustment for HVAC companies that are used to getting calls, but it can save your time and energy too.

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