Why Plumbers Need an Answering Service in Winter

why plumbers need an answering service in winter Do you have an answering service that can pick up your customer’s emergency calls, no matter the time of day or night? There are many important reasons that you should have this service, especially through winter when plumbing emergencies are a little more likely to happen. Are you not sold? Here’s why your business could be better if you had an answering service through the winter.

1. Boilers and Heating

One of the major plumbing-related emergencies is a lack of heat when a boiler malfunctions. Customers may call an HVAC company to handle this, but they also might call you. It’s critical to be able to respond to emergency calls for heat in the winter, as sudden losses of heat can be deadly for your clients. Yes, they can probably find help elsewhere, but they will be grateful and loyal to your company if you can be the one to help them.

2. Frozen Pipe Issues

In winter, homeowners may deal with frozen pipes. If they get frozen pipes, the first step is to turn off the water and then wait for a plumber, hoping that their pipes do not burst and have not burst already while they wait. Responding to these calls quickly is important to protect your client’s pipes, minimize damage, and restore water to their home as soon as possible.

Most plumbers will respond to frozen pipe calls, but how quickly you can respond is important. Usually, pipes freeze overnight and then are thawed by morning. If you have an answering service, you can get the call at night without needing to be up every night waiting for them. Your receptionist should only send calls along to you when they are real emergencies. You get to respond to emergency calls and sleep when there isn’t one.

3. Winter Sewer Problems

Sewer problems can happen anytime of the year, including in the winter. However, with slower responses in the wintertime, it’s possible that sewer problems could get more out of control while your customer just waits for someone to come help. When you have an answering service, you can be sure you’ll get critical calls like this. And they aren’t just critical calls for your customer. These are some of the most profitable calls, and you don’t want to miss them.

4. Water Heaters

While hot water might not be as important as general heat for the home, many people will be quite upset if they are missing hot water in winter. Cold showers are deeply uncomfortable in winter for most people, and even running their hands under the cold water to wash is annoying. Customers expect quick responses when they are dealing with something as uncomfortable as a broken water heater, so it is critical to meet their expectations and respond to their calls. An answering service is the most cost-effective way to do this.

5. Be There for Your Customers

Even in winter, your customers need a fast response to their calls. Choose an answering service to provide them with better customer service.

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