What to Look For In a Virtual Receptionist

what to look for in a virtual receptionistWhen you’re looking for a virtual receptionist to handle your calls and clients, you’ll want to be sure that they possess a particular set of skills to handle the tasks laid out for them. A good virtual receptionist should be able to balance a number of duties and responsibilities that are standard throughout the industry.

Communication Skills

Primarily, a virtual receptionist should have excellent communication skills. Communicating well and being personable are vital to making clients feel understood and satisfied. An equally important factor is to be open and communicative about working on and completing the tasks you set forth.

If your client needs to schedule an appointment, request account information, set up payments, or anything in between, you’ll want to know that your virtual receptionist is going to represent your business as professionally as possible. Maintaining open lines of communication is always the best route to go.


Problem solving is a widely applicable skill, and a quality virtual receptionist should be able to take initiative and help you manage your tasks and clients. Handling a difficult situation is crucial to a virtual receptionist. Dealing with forgetful or upset customers is extremely valuable in particular, as your virtual receptionist will be the front line response for this.

Being able to make a customer feel at ease even if they don’t get the response they want during a phone call will guarantee that your virtual receptionist is more than capable of handling difficult situations.

Positivity & Empathy

Clients expect a certain level of positivity and helpfulness when they are speaking with a receptionist. You’ll want to make sure that your virtual receptionist is someone friendly and empathetic. Friendly customer service is the quickest way to make sure clients will return to do more business with you in the future.

Likewise, an empathetic virtual receptionist will be able to understand a customer’s issue and address it a quick as possible. Customers are generally looking for a receptionist to demonstrate kindness, as well as having knowledge about your company and services. Your virtual receptionist should be more than willing to listen and assist as best as they can.

Organization & Punctuality

We’ve all worked with that person who takes on too many tasks, and their struggle is quite visible. It can be maddening to wonder how they get any work done when they’re stretched so thin. When bringing in a virtual receptionist, you want to know for sure that they will be well-organized with their tasks and their time management.

Many virtual receptionists work for several clients at once. When finding the right one for you, you’ll want to make sure you know how well they manage their work time. Checking their references will help you determine the right choice for you.


How long a virtual receptionist has been at the job can be very beneficial to you. Bringing on a newer hire might impact your business, versus hiring someone who knows how to handle more finite and difficult situations.

An experienced virtual receptionist will know better how to balance a multitude of tasks. Ideally, a good virtual receptionist should possess every trait listed here. With these a skilled person like this on your team, you can guarantee your business will see a boost in client response and satisfaction.

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