What to Do if Your HVAC Business Gets Too Many Spam Calls

what to do if your HVAC business gets too many spam callsIdeally, your HVAC business is getting a lot of calls every day. But what happens if a large percentage of those are spam calls? It’s easy to get frustrated when you have to stop what you’re doing for a robocall or some other form of spam. So how do you protect your time from spam calls? Especially as an HVAC company that needs to answer every call that comes in? We have some ideas for you.

1. Apps for Spam Blocking

Depending on the phone you have, there may be several apps available that attempt to identify and block calls. As a contractor, the main problem with these apps is that they might be too aggressive and block your customers. Check out reviews and only choose paid options in order to try to get the best quality service. Even one missed customer call can be more expensive than paying for a better-quality spam-call-blocking app.

Some app options include:

  • Robo Shield: This app specifically aims to stop robocalls. You can look up the missed number on their list and check if it is possible it was a person, which helps HVAC companies assess if they may actually be missing calls from customers.
  • YouMail Voicemail and Spam Blocker: You can use this service for your phone and your email account. It also generates emails based on the voicemails you get, so there is some way to check if you’ve missed a call from a customer.

2. Block Area Codes

As an HVAC company, you have a defined service area. There is really no need for you to take calls coming from outside of the area. We suggest you block the area codes that your spam callers tend to come from. However, blocking everything outside your service range may not be wise. Sometimes it is useful to know how many people in a nearby area might be interested in your services. It’s helpful data to expand your business later.

Keep in mind that many spam callers “spoof” calls and make it seem like they are coming from a local area code. Blocking area codes isn’t a perfect solution.

3. Check with Your Phone or Provider

Android has built-in spam-identifying software. AT&T offers a service called Call Protect. Whoever manufactures your phone or provides your phone service may have dedicated spam solutions for you, and they may even be free. Check with them. And, if they don’t, you could consider switching to an Android phone or an AT&T service the next time you need to renew your phone contract or buy a new phone.

4. Use a Virtual Receptionist

While spam calls are annoying for receptionists too, they don’t waste their time in quite the same way. They were always going to answer the call, but now they just hang up. And they know not to pass on spammy calls to you, which saves you time. Virtual receptionists are a cheap way to get this protection and a bunch of other benefits, all without hiring a receptionist directly.

According to USAToday, the federal government vows to stop illegal robocalls.

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