What Do Customers Want from a Plumbing Business?

what do customers want from a plumbing business?What do customers want from a plumbing business? You can get a call from two different people, both who need the same kind of leak fixed, and provide both the same level of service but satisfy only one of them. Why? Customers want different things.

A homeowner from a nice area wants something different than a residential landlord, who wants something different from a small business owner. They all have different pain points or problems they need you to solve. By determining which pain point they have and solving it, you give the customer what they want—and get a stellar business reputation as a result.

So here is a quick guide on learning, beyond just plumbing services, what your customer wants.

1. Fast Response and Work

These customers are worried about the damage that a plumbing problem will cause to their property or about the disruption that a plumbing issue is having on their business. You’ll hear them say things like, “how soon can you get here?” and “how long will this work take?” Even when it isn’t technically an emergency, they may want you to respond as if it is an emergency.


You can satisfy these customers first by responding to their call and scheduling work right away. If you’re always in your truck, having a digital receptionist do this for you is going to help you stand out to these customers.

2. Better Payment Terms

Especially when working in commercial properties, although not exclusively, you will find customers who need work done but still worry about the cost. This is especially true of those on fixed incomes or those who run businesses with small margins. You’ll hear them say things like, “how much do I need to pay upfront?” or “do you offer financing?”

You can satisfy these customers by working out payment terms that are better for them (so long as they also cushion you from the risk of non-payment.) Offering financing, monthly payment plans, or simply a slightly lower deposit, can work for you both.

3. Clarity on Plumbing Issues

These customers have a plumbing issue, and they are concerned that it will happen again. Or, they need to make a long-term decision and don’t know what would be best. You’ll hear them ask the same question twice, especially “why does this problem keep happening?” or “which brand did you say you prefer?”

You can satisfy these customers by taking a bit of extra time to address their concerns or offer them professional guidance. Try to give them the reason behind your opinion, and not just your opinion.

4. Long-term Relationships

Some people know that they will need a plumber on a regular basis. This is especially true of homeowners who have renos or additions planned, or those in businesses with frequent plumbing work, like real estate or hotel management. You’ll hear them ask probing questions about your long-term work like “can you always be this available?” or “do you also do this kind of work?”

For these customers, your reliability and consistency are everything. Take the time to explain concepts, have accurate timelines for work, and send your friendliest technicians and you can win their business long-term.

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