Scaling Your Pest Control Business

scaling your pest control businessNo matter how small your current pest control business is, you likely have dreams of making it larger. You want to run a team, open franchises, or become a state-wide phenomenon? Whatever your goals, you need to scale your pest control business carefully. In every business’s quest to grow, they can become overburdened with costs, reduce their quality, or otherwise lose the edge that has made them successful so far. Here are a few tips that will help you scale your business more carefully.

1. Marketing Strategies

In your effort to get more work and grow your business, you’ll want to invest in new marketing strategies. The specific strategies that will work for you will really depend on your market. So, while we can’t give you too many specific recommendations, the more important bit is to check-in on how those strategies are doing.

Before you invest in something new, think about whether this campaign is a long-term or short-term strategy. When should you check in on how it did? And, when you do assess it, don’t be afraid to stop strategies that just aren’t working.

2. Focus on Profitability

When you’re trying to scale your business, it may be tempting to take on any work that comes your way, even if it is not work that is very profitable. This can be a mistake, because the time you spend on challenging jobs, or jobs that aren’t very profitable, is time you take away from getting and doing better work. When you can, focus on choosing work that is less complex, less likely to cause problems, and that doesn’t need you to invest in new equipment.

Of course, expanding your services may be a big part of scaling your business. However, you need to choose which services you do carefully.

3. Hire Staff Carefully

With new, well-paying work, you may need to hire some staff to keep up and keep growing. Remember that each new staff member has the potential to undermine or support your reputation and choose carefully. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to get recruiters involved to find the very best candidates.

Also, when you can avoid hiring staff, you should. Too many small businesses rush into hiring dedication accountants, HR staff, and other employees that end up costing more than they contribute. There are many options to get the help you need without hiring full-time staff that need vacations, sick pay, and insurance. A virtual receptionist, for example, will give you the benefits of a dedicated office manager without the high cost.

4. Maintain Your Quality

Your reviews, referrals, and reputation all depend on the quality of work that you do.Most likely, it’s your high-quality work that has put you in the position to expand your business. Sacrificing that quality in the name of scaling can back-fire. So, it’s important that everyone you bring into the business is on-board with the level of quality you want to deliver. And, it’s equally important to take enough tasks off your hands that you have time to ensure you’re delivering quality. That way, your pest control business will scale with the same reputation it has now.

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