Phone Service Tips for Electrical Contractors

phone service tips for electrical contractorsTalking to customers over the phone is not something that comes naturally to most electrical contractors. That is especially true if you spent some time working for someone else instead of running your own business and didn’t take customer calls. But phone service is now an essential part of your work. Good calls make customers happy and also make sure you and your team are prepared for the actual electrical work. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your calls.

Listen Closely

They don’t often understand electrical work, so most customers can’t give you the essential information you need, at least not automatically. What they really need from you or are concerned about is also often hidden under emotion, their daily stress, and more. When customers can’t really communicate, its on you to listen and make sure you really get it. A smart technique is to repeat back the customer’s main concern, so they can disagree if you didn’t get it right.

Don’t Haggle

Many customers undervalue electrical work or are always looking for a deal. When you’re the boss, you can’t really hide behind the suggestion that you don’t have the authority to lower the price. Many electricians make the mistake of haggling on the phone and lowering their prices too much. If you struggle to stand firm on your price, practice saying:

  • I need to charge this much to justify my time.
  • I don’t offer discounts.
  • The value I provide is really worth the price.

Or, choose a digital receptionist to take your calls. Few customers will haggle with them directly.

Cut the Chat

Some customers love to talk and will waste your precious time. Sometimes they’re bored, they love to connect with people, or they are very anxious. Either way, there are strategies you can use to can cut down on how much of your time customers waste, including:

  • Closed questions: Don’t say, “What’s wrong with your outlet?” Open-ended questions are invitations for lengthy responses. Instead, be specific. Ask, “Does your outlet ever work?” or “Do you know if you have a surge protector?”
  • Gentle redirect: You can redirect your customer back to the matter at hand. But, when you do, don’t interrupt, and don’t seem bored or annoyed with them. They may get upset. Instead, empathize quickly and then turn the topic back to the electrical issue. “I’m so sorry your dog is sick. Did you call to ask about adding a charger for your electric vehicle?”
  • Be clear: Especially for people who are talking a lot because they are anxious, you can help by being as clear as possible. Avoid being technical, use only words you think they can understand. Speak slowly. Pause between sentences.

Get Support

Even when you have exceptional skill at handling customer calls, you don’t necessarily have the time to deal with them all, at least not the way they deserve to be dealt with. You can use a well-trained digital receptionist to take most calls for you. Ours know when the call needs to be passed onto you. Plus, you’ll also know exactly how your calls are handled.

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