HVAC Scheduling Software: How to Shop for Your Perfect Solution

HVAC scheduling software: how to shop for your perfect solution One of the best parts of working with our HVAC scheduling service is that we can use your software to schedule your technicians. That means you get to choose the right software that works for your business, instead of being pigeonholed into the kind of “solution” that just creates more problems.

In our time scheduling HVAC calls, we’ve learned which software makes sense for which kinds of businesses. Learn from our experience so that you can choose the best HVAC scheduling software for you.

We’ll run you through our favorite HVAC scheduling software options, explaining the key differences between each. We’ll explore how they perform for the simplicity of their interface, their customization options, and the standout features that each has. Ultimately, shopping for your perfect solution is about pairing the tools that you need with the tools that the specific software offers. There is a huge range of variability, so it is wise to go through each and see if one offers a service that you need.

HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is our team’s favourite HVAC scheduling software. We find that we can get calls done faster and better with its intuitive interface. Filling out the appointments to your personalized onboardingsystem is simple and ensures that your technicians get all of the information that they need to do their job.

Like most scheduling software, HouseCall Pro has a drag and drop system so that calls can be easily rescheduled. You can edit and adds details at any time, and the software will automatically send an alert out to your technician. This is great for keeping them up to date and prevent wasting their time.

Plus, this software also helps you avoid wasting your customer’s time, which they really appreciate. You can set arrival windows instead of times so that your customer expects that your technician may not be exactly on time. With built-in GPS tracking, you’ll know how realistic that arrival window is at every moment. The software will send automated texts to your clients to alert them of technician arrival and alert them when the job is done.

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Service Titan

Our runner-up, we find that Service Titan offers a very convenient scheduling interface, which is absolutely essential for us to do our job quickly and properly. The software makes great use of drop-down menus, which are personalized for your business. We spend less time typing and more time making sure that we understand exactly what your customer is calling about. Plus, we can add custom tags for you to help you know what to expect when you arrive.

Service Titan also allows you to record every call that we make with your customers, which is helpful to ensure you’re getting the quality customer service that you want. You can also listen to the call if you have a dispute with a customer or need to review the call for another reason, you can.

Service Titan is also unique in that it offers a way for your customers to confirm appointments before they arrive. This is helpful both for their peace of mind and to avoid wasting your team’s time. If someone cancels, your scheduler can redirect them to another call.

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HVAC repair tech working on a residential heat pump

Service Fusion

We have also done some work with HVAC technicians who prefer Service Fusion. This service aims to offer a wide range of services and connections to other tools such as QuickBooks. It may be too cumbersome for some teams but highly convenient for others.

Service Fusion includes customer relationship management tools, such as customer profiles that allow you to keep track of the services and products your customer has. It also sets their location, preferences for billing and contact so that you can provide them better service and avoid asking the customer the same question multiple times.

As with HouseCall Pro, Service Fusion allows you to send out text message notifications to both customers and your technicians in order to keep both up to date on scheduling changes, job notes, job progress and more.

It has many other features that you may (or may not) need in your business, including:

  • Contactless eSign
  • Create five estimate options at once
  • App for technicians to use
  • Recurring and progressive invoicing built-in
  • Time tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Document drive

All in all, Service Fusion can replace a lot of the other services that you might use for your business, which can make it very convenient and can streamline your processes. We don’t find it is as quick for scheduling as our top two options, but it may still be right for you.

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SkyBoss is another scheduling software that we have used for our clients. It has a slightly less intuitive interface, but it has many merits as well. It uses drag and drop scheduling and does a great job of keeping track of each employee so that we can schedule them more effectively. You will be able to see their average sales, current equipment, and where they are based on GPS tracking.

SkyBoss is unique in that it offers ways for you to keep track of customer complaints and more challenging customers. You can even bar certain technicians from serving certain clients so that you prevent future conflict or make sure problem clients are being paired up with your technicians with the best problem-solving skills. You can also exclude certain technicians from seeing certain jobs on the calendar.

Otherwise, SkyBoss offers many of the same features as other scheduling software on this list. It allows you to monitor technician GPS location, sends job details, tag job types, count calls, and more. It also has a suite of non-scheduling tools that includes estimating, invoicing, reporting, customer management, and more. If navigating through all of this while running your business full time is starting to wear you down, be sure to call and ask about what our customized HVAC scheduling services can do for your business.

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