How to Hire a Receptionist for Your Roofing Company

Whether you do a few jobs per year out of your home office or manage a major roofing company, making use of a receptionist can easily improve your income while also lowering the workload requirements of your current staff. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a receptionist when it comes to your roofing company.

how to hire a receptionist for your roofing company

Benefits of a Receptionist

Even if you do most of your work out of a home office, having a receptionist can be hugely beneficial for you. You might think it is highly unnecessary, or even impossible to manage, and may even think doing it yourself is much better in the long run, but having a receptionist on your staff can improve your overall workload.

Having a receptionist working with your roofing company can help with a wide range of different areas including:

  • Fielding calls from new leads
  • Explaining services to potential clients
  • Setting up consultations
  • Providing quotes and estimates
  • Scheduling jobs for your team
  • Managing payments
  • Ensuring permit compliance
  • Staying in touch with contractors

Hire or Outsource?

Once you have decided to add a receptionist to your staff, you may wonder if hiring a local receptionist or outsourcing is better for your company. There is no exact “right” answer, and this will instead depend on a wide number of factors pertaining to your business specifically.

Hiring a local receptionist can be great for a roofing company that has a physical location or office space. If you work from your home office or mostly out of your vehicles, having a local receptionist may be more difficult to manage.

Services can differ between local hires and outsourcing as well. Third party receptionists may be unfamiliar with local permit regulations and prices making it more difficult to provide detailed information some clients require. They may also not have knowledge of local weather, and could potentially schedule jobs which are not well aligned with temperatures or rainfall in the immediate area.

For local hires, you will usually need to have available office space and will also need to ensure you are providing the right benefits for a new company hire. This can increase your overhead employee costs, but in many cases can eventually pay for itself with a more streamlined management system.

Virtual Receptionists

Making use of a virtual receptionist will be your absolute best option in many cases. These third party individuals work from a different location so you won’t need to provide extra office space at your company. This makes it a viable option for smaller companies that work out of vehicles.

Virtual receptionists are perfectly qualified to schedule appointments and consultations for new and existing clients, they can easily schedule local jobs or team meetings, and can be trained to work with your preferred computer software in order to fully integrate payment schedules and contractor deals.

For businesses of all sizes, virtual receptionists can be your best investment for a range of necessary daily tasks.

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