How to Generate More Pest Control Leads

how to generate more pest control leadsWhat marketing systems have you chosen to help boost your sales? There are many marketing strategies out there, but not all will give your business new leads. Pest Control companies need to focus on local advertising strategies that can really reach local people who are likely to be dealing with pest problems. Here are five ways to generate more pest control leads.

Lawn Signs

For a pest control company that is just starting, lawn signs can be a low-cost but effective method of generating new leads. Ask every customer who is happy with your work if you can place a lawn sign on their property for a set period.

These signs will help you build a brand presence in the area that you serve. According to Forbes, brand awareness is often dismissed by marketers, but “it’s a critical piece of getting into a consumer’s consideration set.” If someone doesn’t know you exist, they can’t consider purchasing from you.

Lawn signs are also a great way to provide social proof. People are more likely to choose companies that other people have chosen. You can show people that someone in their neighborhood has used your pest control services.


Even though it’s online, digital marketing can help you target local people and drive in more business for your pest control company. SEO is just the way to make your digital efforts local.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When someone types “pest removal company” into Google, you want your business to show up first. There are a wide range of SEO strategies you can use to accomplish this so that people call you first.

Why is SEO good for a small pest control business that is targeting a handful of cities? Google is more committed to delivering people with local search results in the past. You can compete against larger companies to have your business pop up when people Google questions about how to deal with bed bugs or why squirrels are attracted to their garbage bins.

SEO can also be used in conjunction with other digital strategies, such as social media marketing and content marketing.

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Ask for Referrals

Who doesn’t have a harrowing story about how they confronted a raccoon, or suddenly found a rat in the kitchen? Pest control companies have a great advantage in that people may share their stories and include how you helped them when they do. Asking for referrals can, therefore, be a very successful way to get more pest control leads:

  • Hand out business cards and ask clients to share them
  • Use social media to ask for referrals
  • Offer a raffle or a direct prize to those who will refer you

Leads are Precious—Don’t Waste Them

You might also consider whether you are capitalizing on all of the leads that call you. Getting a virtual receptionist for your pest control business will ensure that you never miss a call about a lucrative job.

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