Holiday Gifts for Plumbing Employees

holiday gifts for plumbing employeesYour employees work hard all year. During the holiday season, many plumbers choose to give out gifts to their employees to show appreciation and boost company morale. However, it can be hard to find good gifts that your employees will appreciate. Too many gift lists focus on gag gifts that people don’t actually like. Others focus on gifts that would help employees at work, but the last thing employees want to think about over their holiday vacation is work. What you want is gifts that your employees will actually use and appreciate, that will cultivate their loyalty and perhaps even help them return to work happier. Here are great holiday gifts that fit the bill for plumbing employees.

Luxury Food Goods

The holidays are the perfect time to give food gifts. Don’t just give any gift, though. There are plenty of luxury options in small packages if necessary, that you can afford to give out to your employees. Here are just a few:

  • Driftaway Single Origin Coffee Sampler: Luxury coffee is a great way for your employees through the new y Driftaway coffee has dozens of delicious coffee blends, of course, from a single origin. Choosing might be a challenge, but their sample boxes come with four different blends that you can personalize. Their gift process is simple too! Try the Explorer Kit.
  • Harry & David: This luxury food company is all about shipping out gift baskets for any occasion. For the holidays, we’d suggest their dried fruit and nut boxes. They come in a range of prices so you can find something that fits your budget. Several of the gifts are holiday-themed too.
  • Mouth: Not quite sure what kind of luxury food goods would be best for your employees? Leave the decision to Mouth. They have a ton of variety in their holiday boxes, even within the themes, so you are sure to find something your employees will enjoy. We might suggest the Winter Morning Kit, or if that is a little pricey, the Choco-Lot.
  • D’Artagnan: Have your employees been enjoying the local-farm craze? D’Artagnan offers fine meats from family farms. The meat is raised without antibiotics, hormones and is sustainable. The company’s corporate gifts are high-end selections of great meats, from bacon to duck.
  • Truffles: Truffles are one of the most indulgent treasures of the culinary world, but few people can cook with them raw, and no gift should feel like work. So, instead, try this Truffle condiment gift set. Your employees can easily drip these condiments on a wide variety of meals.

Subscription Boxes

The subscription box craze is great for even one-time holiday gifts. You may know something general about your employees, like that they enjoy fiction, travel, or golf, but you may not be familiar with those worlds. Many subscription boxes take the pressure off you to choose a gift related to your employee’s interests. Instead, you can trust the experts and just buy based on what you know your employee is interested in.

Here are some great subscription boxes that might appeal to your employees:

  • BREO Box:If you employ men who love the latest gadgets and masculine indulgences like cocktails and coffees, then the BREO box is a great idea. There are also lifestyle, fitness, and even storage items in the boxes. Each item is supposed to be a simple solution that your employee will end up using every day.
  • JourneeBox: People who like to travel will love the Journee Box. It’s a collection of items ethically made across the world. Each box is like a little gift from another culture and place, which is a lovely treat for the holidays.
  • CauseBox: Do you have employees that are always looking for sustainable gifts to give their friends and family over the holidays? Chances are they will appreciate the CauseBox. This gift box collection carries only socially conscious products so your employee can feel good about whatever gift they get.
  • Cloth & Paper:The planner on your team will love a gift box from Cloth & Paper. It includes plenty of planning accessories, papers and pens.

Experience Gifts

Your employees deserve to relax and recuperate. Help them cultivate great hobbies or introduce them to some of the best experiences in your town or city. Consider these gifts:

  • Golf passes:Do your employees like to golf? Consider buying them day passes to local golf clubs. They don’t have to use them in the winter if they don’t like winter golf.
  • Museum membership:Local museums, art galleries, and other cultural experiences often offer discounted membership around the holidays, which can be a great gift for your employees.
  • Christmas experiences: There are many businesses that create special experiences for Christmas. You may find light shows, sleighrides, and ice sculpture events nearby. Gifting tickets to one of these events is a great way to show appreciation to your employees.
  • Theater tickets: Local theaters often put on special shows for Christmas. A ticket can be a great gift, even if it is not a holiday-themed experience.

Homeware Gifts

Another great option for your employees is homeware gifts. Consider items that people rarely buy for themselves but that are useful or beautiful. Some of our gift items can even help elevate your employee’s home cooking game:

  • Candles: Candles are a great indulgence, especially for the holiday season. We suggest trying more sophisticated brands for your staff, like Northern Lights.
  • Charcuterie boards: After the charcuterie craze, many people would appreciate a board to display all of their favorite goods.
  • Tortilla press: The secret to a great homemade tortilla shell is a quality press that can get them thin enough. Share that secret with your employee with this press.
  • Cast iron garlic roaster: Roasted garlic is a great indulgence that you can share with your employees with this perfectly shaped roaster.
  • Stuffed waffle maker:The best kitchen appliance gifts are indulgent items that someone will enjoy on a rare occasion. These stuffed waffle makers fit the bill exactly.
  • Pet items: If your employees have pets, it’s a great idea to get them treats or toys.
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