Increase Business Profits by Hiring A Live 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Service

Virtual Receptionist ServicePersonalized, enthusiastic, and dependable business communication is a must to connect with current and potential clients. A client’s first impression of a business is formed when the telephone call is placed.

The daily impression of a business is founded on how calls are handled, and directly affects a business’s bottom line. Big time.

A wise business owner or manager places much stock in exactly how phone calls are handled.

Many businesses hire a full or part-time receptionist to handle call volume which can be costly, undependable, and only cover calls during business hours.

A much more cost effective approach (while keeping an incredible personal touch) is to utilize a solid virtual receptionist service.

Five Ways a Business Will Reduce Costs and Increase Earnings Using a Virtual Receptionist:

1. No more missed calls.

Missed calls equal missed profits. When callers to a business are placed on hold or asked to leave a message, or when calls are misplaced, or are handled unprofessionally, current and potential customers can become quickly frustrated. When virtual receptionists are used, all incoming calls are treated with friendly and helpful responses, and callers talk with a person, not a machine. This lends credibility, trust, a better client experience than your competitors, higher sales, and higher client retention to a business.

2. No payroll taxes.

The headache of both federal and state payroll taxes (and associated paperwork) is a thing of the past when businesses partner with a virtual receptionist service. All payroll taxes for virtual receptionists are taken care of – there is no need for businesses to worry about withholding, forms, filing requirements, etc.

3. No need to provide health insurance.

The cost of providing health insurance to employees can cost a business thousands of dollars each and every year. With virtual receptionists, the money spent on health insurance policies and workman’s compensation insurance can be utilized in other ways, with no concerns about healthcare costs and liability issues. When you figure the monthly salary and expenses of an employee receptionist, a virtual receptionist is much more affordable.

4. No more sick days.

Sick days impact a business’s bottom line. With a virtual receptionist, a trained professional will always be available and ready to provide businesses with the outstanding service necessary to keep timely communications flowing.

5. Your clients and prospects receive answers live 24/7.

Running a business is no longer a 9-to-5, Monday through Friday arrangement. Current and prospective clients need the ability to get answers to their questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Any time of the day or night, virtual receptionists can provide the right answers to questions asked, while setting businesses apart by providing around-the-clock telephone services. Businesses get the exposure they need, and clients get the service they deserve.

Businesses need a cost-efficient, reliable way to field calls while providing outstanding client service – all without the hassles and added expense of hiring extra office help. Virtual receptionists not only increase a business’ bottom line, but give business owners peace of mind as well.

The Challenge

The challenge is to find a virtual receptionist service that can be trusted, will customize services, and will handle your business calls better than an employee would. At Front Office Solutions we do just that. With our state of the art equipment and systems, your clients will never know they are not talking to your incredible staff. Our clients tell us their clients actually feel our answering services are better than their own employees. That is the daily goal we strive for.

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