Enjoy The Holiday Season with Less Stress! Use an Answering Service for Your Business…

Most businesses find themselves facing utter chaos around the holiday season. From seasonal activities, increased customer demands, cold and flu season causing sick leave, and employees requesting vacation to spend time with friends and family, many businesses find it near impossible to keep all the balls juggling to avoid work flow inefficiency and loss of customer satisfaction. Instead of worrying about under-staffing issues impacting business and customers, it’s time to call Front Office Solutions (FOS.)

With Front Office Solutions handling your calls and dispatch, you won’t need to worry about how the above chaos. Everything will run as smooth as normal, if not smoother. Whether someone is out with the flu, an employee requests vacation time, or customer demand exceeds normal staffing, FOS provides high-quality telephone answering service representatives able to offer exceptional customer service to all clients, at all times.

Outsourcing overflow and under staffing demands to a professional team of telephone representatives doesn’t just ease the internal workflow demands of employees, managers, and owners. It’s actually quite essential to the most important facet of any business – customer retention and acquisition.

Imagine the thoughts of customers considering contacting a business during the holidays when they likely know how challenging operations can be for businesses during the holidays.

• “I Wonder how long the wait will be if I call this business?”

Long hold times are one of the top reasons for customer service disappointment and dissatisfaction. Customers want expediency and human-to-human contact, not waits, automated systems, and elevator music. They want 24/7 access, not a message telling them to call back during business hours.

Businesses who want to pick up the extra holiday customer traffic and continually stand out from competitors daily need not look any further than hiring an answering service to provide 24/7 immediate customer support.

• “Oh, no, leaving a voicemail means I’ll get a call back days later, if ever.”

Customers despise when their calls go to voicemail. It’s a sure way for them to assume they’re not valued and wasting their precious time, especially if they have a history with other companies never returning calls. So, they’re likely to leave a message and be disgruntled about having to wait hours to days by the phone or hang up and move on to calling a competitor who may answer. Either way, the business has either lost an opportunity or created a dissatisfied customer if they don’t have a live person available to catch calls before they go to the dreaded voicemail.

• “It’s outside of business hours and pointless to call this company.”

Most businesses don’t have in-house staff answering their phones 24/7. It’s simply not financially feasible. With FOS, customers never have to worry that it’s too late or early to call. FOS provides 24/7 high- quality customer service so that after hours calls can be screened for importance, forwarded to appropriate in-house staff if necessary, no call is ever missed, and customer needs may even be able to be handled on the spot regardless of time or day.

Want Consistent, Stress-Free Customer Service In Your Business?

The above questions lurking in the minds of customers is enough to spur any business to want more consistent phone coverage, especially during the Holidays. Front Office Solutions allows business to optimize their customer service endeavors – never missing a single call. There’s no stress over in-house employee fluctuations. There’s no stress if management needs a holiday break. Our messaging and dispatching services make it easy to manage calls and still enjoy the holidays.

Ready to get your communication strategy up to par? Call us today for a free quote and to learn more about how Front Office Solutions’s services can ensure you retain both your excellent customer service and good Holiday spirits.

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