9 Power Words for Customer Service

For anyone working in the customer service position, having a few specific power words to use in a variety of situations can not only help make your job easier, but can help relax irritated customers as well.

9 power words for customer service

Power words are words that can help drive a point home, add emphasis to a situation, and help provide reassurance to customers in a variety of moods.

Time-Related Words

Making an already impatient client wait longer can be disastrous. These power words followed by genuine action on your part can help let the customer know something is being done sooner rather than later.


This power word is great for letting a customer know you feel urgency in sorting out their issue. Instead of getting to an issue later, you are instead looking into potential solutions immediately


If you are unable to sort out a problem now, you can instead give them a few choices for things you can do at any time while you search for a solution to their actual and initial problem.

Comprehension-Related Words

Reassuring a customer that you are fully paying attention and understanding their issue or concern can go a long way in showing them they are an important and valuable part of the equation.


This power word should be used often when speaking to irate customers. Let them know you fully understand their issue, and will diligently search for the best solution.


If a customer is telling you about a problem with the service or how things are done at your company, promising them that things will change can be helpful. This is a great way to let the customer know that you are doing your best to ensure this problem does not happen again.

Price-Related Words

Talking about prices can be a sensitive subject, but there are a couple power words which can help make this time much easier.


Offering a free service, free gift, or other free item to a customer can be a great way to build loyalty and ensure repeat business.


Instead of just giving a customer a price for a product or service, let them know it is the best price you can offer or is the best solution for their particular issue or concern.

Reassurance-Related Words

Providing reassurance can go a long way in a variety of different scenarios. It works with upset customers, new arrivals, and loyal customers as well.


Sometimes offering products or services can be confusing for the customer. Give them a clear view of the real benefits by breaking it down in a more easy to understand format.


After a customer has selected a product or service, reassure them that they have made a strong choice and provide comfort in that final decision.


If a customer is having difficulty deciding on a product or service, help direct them towards one by saying it would really be a great match for their specific issue.

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