8 Tips for Improving Your Plumbing Company’s Sales Process

For anyone that works in the plumbing industry, your first interest is most likely ensuring that your customers receive reliable service. Your second interest is ensuring your plumbing business continues to grow with repeat customers as well as finding new customers.

8 tips for improving your plumbing company's sales process

That’s why improving your sales process can be a huge deal when it comes to increasing your company’s bottom line. It’s not uncommon for some days to feel like a financial loss all the way around, but if you follow these steps, customers will return and tell their friends about your company.

The Personal Touch

First Impressions

This is arguably the most important part of your job: making a good first impression. Ensure your service vehicles are cleaned and organized, and your uniforms and footwear are clean and odor free.

How You Act

Your job is to help the client fix their plumbing issue. During this time, you may notice a range of other potential jobs you can fix – but don’t focus on those. Many clients expect plumbers to upsell them on additional work, so focus on the task at hand and ensure that job is done right, first.

How you act also extends to your attitude while performing the work, your willingness to help keep the property clean, and your professionalism with working around unexpected changes and problems.


When explaining the issue and solution to a client, use simple and definite terms and be upfront about the costs. Sugar coating the issue won’t help anyone, but exaggerating the issue just to secure a sale can also backfire on you by sending the client to another plumbing company for a better quote.

The Right Stuff

Keep Records

While you can keep solid records on each client with pen and paper, having a software solution can expedite and organize your record keeping in new ways. In addition, software solutions can be shared with your entire service team, and be accessed from any location even after hours.

Provide Options

When you’re at a job with a client, you want to ensure they have options when it comes to fixes and upgrades on their plumbing systems. Don’t pile a dozen quotes on them all at once and overwhelm them into making an immediate decision. Instead, mention areas that should eventually be addressed and let the client decide when.

Limit Big Sales

You may notice several issues that need to be addressed, and some of them could be rather expensive. Don’t rush to make those big sales. Instead, build a relationship with the client and use some of these other tips before you try to make more sales.

After Care

Maintenance Agreements

Having a maintenance agreement with your client is a great way to build a relationship. Give them the peace of mind knowing you will be able to revisit their problem at any time should the need arise.

Free Adjustments

You’re trying to make money, so offering free adjustments sounds counterintuitive but this is an excellent way to build a solid relationship with your client. Look for minor plumbing leaks you can address quickly, tighten loose bolts or wingnuts on toilets, or offer complimentary sink and tub drainage tests.

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