7 Ways to Grow Repeat Business for Your HVAC Company

7 ways to grow repeat business for your HVAC companyEnsuring you create a good relationship between your HVAC company and your clients is important when it comes to repeat business. Not only does a strong relationship mean those clients will return to you in the future, it also means they will spread the word to their family and friends about your good service.

Customer Satisfaction

High Quality Service

Having customers that return to you for other issues in their HVAC system is a good way to keep your business going. However, offering less than stellar service in the first place just to ensure the customer will need you again soon is poor thinking.

High quality service will earn the praises you need to keep your business afloat. You can be sure that once you leave, a homeowner will inspect your work. Areas that look poorly done or improperly installed will not garner you any positive praises.

Efficient Service

When working on someone’s property or inside their home, always be sure your service is as efficient as it can be. Technicians should focus on the job at hand and get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make sure you have all of your tools and repair or installation hardware before you set foot inside the home to make this stressful situation much easier on the homeowner.

Offer Discounts

When you’re trying to increase your bottom line and improve your HVAC business income, offering discounts may seem counterintuitive. However, discounts on pre-season maintenance, emergency repairs, or future system installation services can help you earn repeat clients.

Set Reminders

Providing your customers with maintenance records can help set reminders for ongoing service. This initiative will help boost customer satisfaction and repeat business as they will appreciate you taking the time to ensure their HVAC system is always running at its best.

Be Professional

First impressions are important. If you show up in a professional looking and clean vehicle that is properly labeled with your company logo and looks organized, you not only provide a mobile billboard for your services but you will create peace of mind in customers you visit.

Technicians should be clean and well presented with uniforms, clean footwear or footwear coverings, and quick access to any record keeping tools you use to monitor individual HVAC systems across different customers.

Using The Right Tools

HVAC Software

Having a good HVAC software option can add a high level of efficiency and organization to your company. HVAC software is great for keeping track of scheduling with customers, employee tasks, inventory management, and more.

Social Media

Having a presence on social media can give local residents a look at the inner workings of your company. Show photos of your vehicles, your business, and some HVAC systems you have worked on.

Offer seasonal specific tips and tricks for homeowners to apply to their own HVAC system and work on building a solid relationship in advance of any services the homeowner may need.

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