6 Ways an HVAC Answering Service Can Help You Avoid Missed Calls

6 ways an HVAC answering service can help you avoid missed callsEverytime you miss a call, you miss a customer. These days, most people will simply scroll down to the next HVAC company listed on Google and call them when you don’t answer. So, minimizing the number of calls that you miss is critical. An answering service is a great way to help avoid those calls, but few people realize the full extent of their services. Here is how an answering service will help you avoid missed calls.

1. Take Calls When You’re Busy

You’re working, and a call comes in. Immediately you have the choice to either prioritize the customer in front of your or take the call. Instead, an answering service lets you give both customers a good experience. You keep doing what you’re doing, and the customer still gets to talk to a knowledgeable professional and book their call. Our answering service, unlike others, uses highly trained professionals who can give your clients the answers that they seek.

2. Take Calls 24/7

Whether you are at home, on lunch, or even sleeping, your business can still take calls from people who work nights shifts or have had an emergency. A call answering service can be available 24 hours a day, so that you capture more calls and, critically, more emergency calls. If your goal is to improve your profitability and community service by taking emergency calls, an answering service can help you do it without having to invest in multiple receptionists or keep awful hours yourself.

3. Take Calls on the Weekend, Holidays

Similarly, an answering service can take your business calls every weekend, holiday, or another day that you book off. You don’t need to be available those days, instead, your digital receptionist can book the callers for when you’re back in the office. The important thing is that you don’t miss the call altogether just because your competition answered the phone when you didn’t.

4. Answer Questions

How much time do you spend on calls? There are some customers who take up much of your time and prevent you from having the time to call others with questions that your receptionist should be able to answer. We train your virtual receptionist and provide them with specific information about your business, practices, and policies. They can answer client concerns and give you more time to actually take the calls that only you can handle.

5. Schedule and Book

Often, there is no need for you to end call back a customer who calls your digital receptionist. We offer booking services and can immediately schedule your caller for their service. This also helps you save time that you can spend elsewhere. Our HVAC scheduling services offer similar benefits, but instead of customers, we help you manage the schedules of your staff.

6. Avoid Offering Sick Time, Holidays etc.

Hiring a receptionist will help you avoid missing calls too, of course. However, what happens when they are sick or on holiday? If you take emergency calls, you may even need to hire multiple receptionists. With an answering service, you avoid all of this hassle and simply get your calls covered 24/7, 365 days per year.

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