6 Qualities to Look for in an HVAC Answering Service

6 qualities to look for in an HVAC answering service When you trust someone to answer your calls, you trust that they’ll take good care of your customers and help you have a more productive, efficient business. You’re making a big leap of trust when you bring in an HVAC answering service because they’ll be interacting with your customers and, if they offer the right services, could make a huge impact on your company. How do you know you’ve made the right choice? Here are qualities you should look for in your HVAC answering service.

1. Company Size

How big is the company? Smaller HVAC answering services tend to have more consistent quality, more dedicated staff and are easier for you to interact with. Ideally, you’d know the names of the handful of people who answer your calls. The larger companies may be harder to deal with, with inconsistent staff, who are torn between too many clients per day.

2. 24/7 Answering

You might not need your calls to be answered every hour of the day, every day of the week, right now. Still, you should choose a company that has the ability to do this. It’s common for HVAC companies to add emergency services as they grow, and you’ll want to work with an answering service that can grow with you. It minimizes disruptions and ensures you’ll be able to switch over to 24/7 call coverage the moment you need it.

3. Calling Your Techs

Taking calls is one thing, but what about making them? You can’t always rely on your staff to spot last-minute changes to the schedule. If your digital receptionist gets a call from a client and needs to make those changes, then they need to be able to call your techs and let them know. You’ll save time and look better to the client the better your communication is with your receptionist.

4. Answer Questions

Your receptionist should know things about your industry and your business specifically. Of course they don’t start out with this knowledge. Your HVAC answering service should ask you for the information that they need to best perform their job. Then they train receptionists on the specifics of your company. This allows your receptionist to provide much better value to your customers and, therefore you business. They can answer questions, solve problems before they start and give your techs better information.

5. Use Your Scheduling Software

You’ve probably already chosen scheduling software, and you made the decision you did because that specific software works best for your business. To keep your business as efficient as possible, your HVAC answering service should be willing to use the software you’re already familiar with. If you don’t have something yet or don’t like the one you’re using, then you should be able to trust your answering service to give you a recommendation.

6. Well-Spoken and Empathetic Staff

Ultimately, the quality of the staff determines if your HVAC answering service is a good investment. You want to look for well-spoken people, for whom English is their first language, and who can respond to your customers with empathy when they’re upset.

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