5 Tips for Starting a Blog for Your Contractor Business

5 tips for starting a blog for your contractor business Is your business website missing a blog? Then you’re missing out on opportunities to generate more business and make your contracting company seem more trustworthy and at the leading edge of your industry. Still, if you have never written a blog before, especially not a professional one, you may not be sure where to start or how to make the blog successful. Here are fivetips for starting a blog for your contractor business.

1. Offer Value

Your main goal with your blog is to generate new leads for your business. But, in order to do that, your blog has to offer something to draw in your customers. So, start thinking from their perspective. What value can you offer your customers that might make them want to read your blog? In general, you want to offer useful information and answer common questions. The more directly related those questions are to your business, without sounding salesy, the better.

Start out simple. What are the most common questions your customers ask? What are the most common misconceptions they have? For example, for a roofing company, those questions and misconceptions might be:

  • Do I need a roof replacement or repair?
  • What’s the difference between three-tab and laminate shingles?

These questions lend themselves to great blog topics that can offer useful information to your customer. This draws them into the blog and helps them feel favorably about your business too.

2. Consider Keywords

Your blog is also an important tool to boost your SEO efforts. By thoughtfully constructing your blogs around keywords, you can help boost your website’s rankings across the board. Invest in some keyword research on the topics that you’ll be writing on. That research might help you change phrasing in your blog so that Google will rank it better. That will help you cultivate an audience. Plus, keyword research can also help spark ideas for new blog topics.

3. Get a Following

Once you’re publishing a blog, how do you boost its readership? Sharing the blogs online can help you cultivate a following, and linking to thoughtful blogs can help you get more followers on social media too. Share your blogs through social media, through email, and potentially even through paid PPC campaigns. You can try to get your blogs featured on more popular blogs that your customers may already read. Guest posting can be mutually beneficial for you and other small bloggers in your space, just don’t do it with your direct competitors.

4. Turn Readers into Customers

Now that you have a following, how can you turn your readers into customers? Good website design may already help you with this. If you have strong call to actions (CTAs) built into your website so that readers can see them, especially at the end of the blog, you can motivate many readers to reach out to you for your products or services. You can also end your blogs with compelling CTAs that relate directly to the blog topic to convert more customers.

5. Keep Blogging

Few blogs become a success overnight. You should establish a blog schedule and try to keep following it for months in order to get results.

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