5 Reasons Why Your Telephone Receptionist Is Your Most Important Employee

As a cost-cutting action and thinking they will improve the bottom line, many companies are phasing out live phone receptionists. Yet, restricting or eliminating contact with a real person can have a dramatic impact on new and current customers. Many companies are pushing their communication methods to FAQ pages, support forums, social media or email. The problem is, studies show most consumers do not care for these options.

Many people are reluctant to use alternative forms of communication because they think it’s cold, impersonal, and want or need answers right then. Companies that have live people answering the phone will attain more new customers, retain more existing customers, and increase sales & profits over those that do not.

Think about all the potential sales that are lost when people are not given a phone number (or have to search all over to find one), or they hang up due to a machine telling them to look elsewhere for answers, or are asked to leave a message.

Successful companies are realizing that the role of a great receptionist is not only necessary, but crucial. If you think your business doesn’t need a receptionist, here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider this vital role:

1.) You’ll Make A Great Impression on Callers & Stand Out in the Crowd

Calling a company can be exhausting these days. Everyone gets tired of pressing buttons trying to talk to someone who can help. People don’t like leaving messages, and they want someone to answer their questions now instead of later. Most give up because all the button-pressing doesn’t get them the help they need. The first impression of your company is what folks will remember. People love when a receptionist answers the phone, and it makes a great impression. Forcing a client to interact with systems that give too many options can have a negative impact.

2.) People Love and Are Demanding That Personal Touch

Computers or recordings are anything but personal. In fact, some say they are cold and repetitive. A receptionist handles each customer differently based on their needs. They may be able to answer their questions, or they can direct them to the right place. People love the personal touch because it makes them feel important, and a computer cannot simply address every situation or need.

Calling a company when your situation requires immediate attention and getting a computer is frustrating. What if your request doesn’t coincide with any of the selections offered? Sometimes, you cannot explain a situation to a computer. Though there are many technological advances, like voice recognition, they are frustrating to use. They don’t always understand what you are trying to say, and it’s hard to clarify things to a computer. Talking to a person is much better. They can ask for clarification if they cannot understand you, and they grasp things much better than a computer system.

3.) Receptionists Can Resolve Issues Fast

A receptionist can quickly answer many questions. There’s no need to leave a voicemail and wait for a callback. When you have a problem, you want an answer fast. Computers make the steps too time-consuming, and people get frustrated. People are busy and will move on and find a company they can talk to live. Ask most consumers, and they will tell you that they prefer speaking to a receptionist.

4.) Receptionists Build Rapport and Understand The Customers’ Needs

The difference between a human and a computer is empathy. A receptionist can understand and sympathize with the customer and their needs. They can also build rapport, which is something a machine cannot mimic. The personal touch cannot be replaced, even though trading it seems to save money, studies show live people answering the phone increases profits.

5.) You Can Hire a Virtual Receptionist Service for Less than You Can Hire An Employee.

If you feel you cannot afford to have someone answer your phone, you are actually losing more money by not. A really good virtual receptionists service can provide a live receptionist 24/7 that your customers will think is truly on your staff, never knowing the difference. The new customers gained and existing customers kept will pay for the service. And when using a service vs hiring an actual employee, you keep overhead costs down.

Adding A Virtual Receptionist is Key

Having a receptionist is the ideal scenario, but what about times when they cannot answer the phone? There will be vacations, sick and personal days that leave the phones unmanned. A virtual receptionist service is the answer. They can provide services 24/7. If the receptionist is busy on another line, the virtual receptionist can step in and help.

An average office employee works 40 hours per week, but there are 168 hours in total. It’s easy to see how a virtual receptionist can help you increase your customer service and profits. At Front Office Solutions, we can help you manage your telephone calls anytime day or night. Call us today to find out how!

Front Office Solutions provides exceptional 24/7 live virtual receptionist phone answering services, and virtual office management services. We specialize in HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Contracting companies.

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