4 Steps to Turn Customer Complaints Into Raving Reviews

How your company handles customer complaints can make or break you. Especially in today’s “online reviews” atmosphere.  All firms are bound to receive negative feedback, but the distinction lies in how they respond. Although it may be impossible to satisfy everyone, true business leaders know that being proactive is a perfect recipe for improving consumer opinions and customer retention. Follow these four tips to help turn customer complaints, to raving reviews.

1. Create a Customer Complaint Response System

Research & develop an exact system your customer support team must follow. Document the steps and put in place a SOP (standard operating procedure) for your support team. Make sure everyone has a copy handy and are well versed on the steps. This way all complaints are handled consistently great, and adjustments can be made to help make the system better over time.

2. Field Complaints Immediately

When customers are dissatisfied with the services or products they receive, making them wait to be heard is one of the worst things a company can do. Respond immediately with genuine courtesy and warmth, using you

What about the thousands of businesses that lack the personnel to deal with complaint calls 24/7? Contracting with a third-party receptionist provider is a well-established solution that lets companies be on-call at all times.

Firms that staff or contract receptionists to be sure complaint calls are answered fast improve customer satisfaction. They also increase their efficiency. All calls and steps taken are documented for review so future steps can be taken to alleviate complaints in the future.

3. Provide Above & Beyond Solutions

From the typical consumer’s perspective, lodging a complaint is unpleasant. In addition to taking valuable time out of their schedules, customers face the possibility that their complaint may not be resolved. Sadly, people have grown accustomed to sub-par customer service that fails to correct problems satisfactorily.

Companies can buck these trends by providing excellent guarantees. Whether this means promising to replace defective products no matter what, refunds when services fall short. In addition, consider offering bonus gifts to help make up for the time the customer spent having to complain.

A complaint is an opportunity to do better.

4. Follow Up Afterward

Followups are vital components of good service. Even if a problem initially seems to have been resolved, customers still appreciate receiving extra attention. Contacting consumers via email, phone or social media after the fact gives them the feeling that their opinions truly count, and forging such relationships is vital to long-term business success. Include a request and direct links in your followups to your Google, BBB, Yelp, Facebook or other places customers can leave a review for you, but only after you have made them a raving fan!

Essential Takeaways

Remember, customers who feel they have been “Wow’d!” with the help they receive are more likely to leave positive feedback. Some even go as far as updating their old negative reviews. Companies that want to turn complaints into raving reviews must have a strategic plan to “Wow” their customers, especially when they are unhappy. Take the time to set up your response system.

For many businesses, working with a professional answering service is part of their 24/7 raving fan system :) Learn more about solid receptionist options. Contact Front Office Solutions today!


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