10 Reasons Why Your Plumbing Company Needs an Answering Service

Plumbing BusinessRunning your plumbing business can take a considerable amount of time, effort and planning. You may find yourself regularly trying to improve your business in various ways, and one area of concern may be the service you provide to customers over the phone.

Some business owners, for example, may worry that they are losing business by not manning the phones around the clock, and others may wonder if they are missing out on sales opportunities through the method that calls are handled.

Outsourcing your phone experience to an answering service may be the solution you are looking for. In fact, there are ten key reasons why you need to use an answering service for your plumbing company.

1. Calls Will Be Answered Around-the-Clock

As an established plumber, you may understand first-hand that your customers need assistance around the clock. Plumbing emergencies can develop at any time. Through the use of a reliable answering service, your calls will be answered at any time of day or night to provide your customers with the service they need.

2. Plumbing Emergencies Happen on Weekends and Holidays

Just as plumbing emergencies can develop overnight, they can also take place on weekends and holidays. Even if your phones are manned by your current support staff during regular business hours, you may not want to pay additional staff members to answer phones on weekends and holidays. An answering service enables you to better serve your customers’ needs regardless of the day.

3. All Callers Receive Live Assistance

More than that, all phone calls made to your business line will be answered by a live professional when you use the right answering service. It can be frustrating for customers dealing with a plumbing emergency to be put through a complicated voice messaging system. Through live assistance, you can improve your customers’ overall experience.

4. Callers Will Never Receive Voice Mail or a Busy Signal

Many of your customers may call you with an urgent need, and they can easily grow frustrated when they hear a busy signal or are directed to voice mail. In fact, some may move on to request service from another plumber if they do not receive an immediate response from your company. With an answering service, you do not have to worry about missed sales because of voice mail or busy signals.

5. Scheduled Appointments Can Be Confirmed

Some answering services also provide you with outgoing call services. They can confirm your scheduled appointments to ensure that someone is at the home or business when one of your technicians arrives to assist them. This promotes the most efficient workday possible for your team.

6. New Leads Can Be Generated Through Sales Prospecting

A call into your business line can easily turn into a new business lead. The right answering service professionals are trained and skilled in sales prospecting, and this can help you to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

7. Calls Can Be Screened

Many of the calls your plumbing business receives can easily be taken care of through appointment scheduling. However, there are a few calls that may need to be transferred to you or your team members. These are often problem situations or complicated plumbing questions. Your answering service will screen your calls to ensure that only the most urgent calls are dispatched to you.

8. Office Space Can Be Used More Productively

If your office space is like many others, it may feel as though your entire team is cramped. Rather than relocate to larger and more costly office space, you can outsource your support staff needs to an answering service. When you use these services around-the-clock, you no longer need to have a dedicated space for phone support staff to sit in your office.

9. You May Reduce Overhead

There are numerous costs associated with having in-house staff answer your phones. For example, there is salary, unemployment insurance, taxes, benefits and more. You also pay more money for extra utilizes, office supplies and more. You can eliminate this overhead from your bottom line through the use of an answering service.

10. Your Employee Management Efforts Are Reduced

While you can save money and space through outsourcing, you can also decrease your managerial headaches. A quality answering service will carefully select and train their employees, and any issues that may arise are dealt with internally by the answering service. This can drastically decrease your stress level.

11. BONUS – BOTTOM LINE: You Are Losing Money

The bottom line is customers many times will not leave a message when they call, or even if they do, they simply call a competitor as soon as they hang up. If you do not have a live professional receptionist answering the phone, that can answer questions and schedule an appointment or followup call, you are losing new clients and money in your business.

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